Unable to read Wi-Fi name: Missing Permissions

On Android 12, samsung phone. Installed openhab app, for the most part works fine, however every time you open the app a message at the bottom appears:

Unable to read Wi-Fi name: Missing Permissions

Not sure what permissions. Is there an app log?

Clicking allow is cryptic, since the send wifi name feature is not turned on.

Any ideas?

That’s referring to the permissions your Android OS is granting the OH app.

You need to open the app details via android settings / or long press the app icon to review these.

As per the error message, the wifi name can also be requested based on your oh-server configuration within the app (settings → connection → server)

The only permission it has is Location (All the time), when looking at “All Permissions” it has a bunch of others.

I have now uninstalled the app, reinstalled it (luckily it picks up the data so I don’t have to reconfigure)
App requested from Android location permission - I chose precise, while app running.

Seems ok now.

Did you set a Wi-Fi SSID in the server settings of the app? The app requires location permissions to get the currently connected SSID.

I did not at that time. I do have one set now.