Unable to reboot while more USB are connected

I have latest 2.5 release on my Raspberry pi 4, and already moved system to USB. At the same time, I would like to have mounted another USB disk, for automatic backups. The issue is, that when I reboot system from console (sudo reboot), it doesn’t start. I have to disconnect it from power and than it works fine again.
I found out, it bahave this way only when I have connected also another USB drive. When there is only one with system, it works fine.
Can you guys help me what’s the issue and how to fix it?
Thanks a lot.

Never good to kill power to Linux OS without shutting down first. This will corrupt the SD card or whatever your using fast.

I haven’t used a Pi4 yet but read that others needed to use a USB adapter for adding additional USB’s to Pi4. Not sure which port to plug the adapter into, or if it even matters.

Hope this helps.

This is a pi issue not OpenHAB. Have you tried the pi forums?

You possibly have set your Pi to boot from a USB device, and adding another one results in renumbering thus adifferent boot device.
But as @vzorglub already responded, please respect that this is an OpenHAB (only) forum so please visit a Pi forum for help.

PS: move to openHABian. Haven’t heard of anyone to have that problem there.

Thanks guys and sorry. I’ll ask on pi forum.

@YogiBB: If you have a USB adapter give it a try and see what happens. Would be nice to confirm if this is a solution for other OH users with multi USB needs.


Sorry but I don’t have any USB adapter right now :frowning: