Unable to save changes to Things/Channel Config in either PaperUI or HABmin since switching to Snapshot distro

48 hours ago I was on OpenHABian stable 2.1. I have a Trane Zwave thermostat added to my list of Things which I had no problem setting up and controlling. Using PaperUI, I was able to change the Channel Scale config for the temp setpoints from Celsius to Fahrenheit for proper display in the UIs.

Yesterday I changed my OpenHABian instance to the snapshot distro so I could pickup on a new Honeywell Thermostat that Chris Jackson assisted with adding to the Zwave device DB which was pushed to snapshot build #1152 that was release yesterday. The Honeywell was recognized and I was able to proceed with configuring.

Since going to snapshots, I’ve found that both PaperUI and HABmin are both having issues saving Channel Scale config changes. In PaperUI, I get an Error 500 when attempting to save the scale config change. HABmin indicates that the change has been saved, but when the browser is refreshed, the scale config setting goes back to the original setting, not saved.

I did some research and found that the scale_config value is saved in /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb/org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json. So I stoped the openhab2 service, modified the jsondb file by changing all scale_config settings from 0 to 1 which sets Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. Once saved and the openhab2 service is restarted, the setpoint values are displayed with Fahrenheit in the UIs as expected. It appears that both UIs have an issue writing to the jsondb since I went to snapshots. Is this a permissions issue or a problem that is API related?

Yes, there’s an open issue for HABmin regarding changing the temp scale.

The Paper UI issue might be fixed in the next snapshot build of the binding.