Unable to scan for zigbee devices

after the upgrade to 2.4 I have found that i cannot scan for zigbee devices,
control of existing devices works but scanning provides nothing
and the logs show nothing when I initiate a scan

OK, I’ll get us started, your thread title will draw in help but you must try to help us help you first.
Please, what is version you upgrade from and which 2.4 version (stable/snapshot) upgraded to?
What is your platform / operating system ?
Java version?
Explain problem more fully
You said ‘control of existing devices works’, zigbee existing zigee devices or just in general other devices? You said scanning provides nothing, do you mean discovery of new zigee devices?

see here for how to set logs to debug

see here for how to ask a good question

And for the love of everything that is holy please try to use code fences when you post your logs, item files and other assorted stuff people will ask you for now and forever more
(so Vincent doesn’t flip out)

unless I missed something 2.4 is stable snapshot builds are currently 2.5.x

I can control zigbee devices which I have previously joined to my network but not add new devices,

my logs are set to debug but as I said they do not show any communication with the devices which are ready for pairing

I can see the controller being set to allow joining on the network but no communication with the new devices

after a reboot I may get one device to join without running a scan ( i call it a scan because the button says “Scan” followed by a prompt saying :“Scan for things”)

and yes I am trying to discover new zigbee devices

I had posted here to see if anyone else had similar issue, if not ill just open a case with Chris and send him my logs