Unable to set parameter temperature offset

My zwave sensor is approx. 2.5 degrees off (too high). I’d like to set an offset, but the parameter does not seem to work. If I set it to 0, 2 or 5 (integer) the temperature I get remains unchanged. I use HABMIN 1.9 (latest build). After I change the parameter I force a wake up so the parameter changes from yellow to white.

I am using a BeNext Molite.

I did some additional testing. I changed the parameter to 200 and expected a rise with 200 degrees celcius. It appeared to be 20 degrees. So an increase of 1 means an offset of .1 degrees. I was able to set the parameter to -25 and now temperatures are in line with other temperature sensors around the room. Case closed.

@chris I will update the zwave database with this documentation soon.