Unable to update number item via setpoint

I have a Problem with updating one of my number items. I use Setpoints to set Heating Targets (Day, Evening, Night).With cron rules depending on the time a switch is set to activate the appropriate heating target for example at 6am the day switch is set to on and all other switches are set to off. This also triggers a rule to set the heating target to the same value as the day setpoint is set to. That all works. So far so good. The second thing i want to do is now when the day target is active and i change the day setpoint it should also readjust the target temperature to that value. That is currently not working.

The rule currently only involves the day switch as soon as it is woking completely i will integrate the evening/night switch as triggers as well or could i also put them in a group and look for trigger of this group?


rule "set_target_temp"
    item heating_temp_day received command  or
    item heating_temp_evening  received command  or
    item heating_temp_night   received command or
    Item heating_sw_day changed
    if(heating_sw_day.state==ON) {
    else if(heating_sw_evening.state==ON){
    else if(heating_sw_night.state==ON){

Seems like the sw item triggers an update but not the other conditions. Any advice?

Is lowercase item allowed in the when/then block?

Thanks that was it must have overlooked that. Beginner Mistake :smiley:

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