Unable to use multiple regex filters for events.log with log4j2.xml

I am having a bit of a challenge to understand the exact syntax for events.log in log4j2.xml
I want to filter several item update messages and thought I could use the CompositeFilter as described in the official documentation.
But this doesn’t work:

		<!-- Event log appender -->
		<RollingRandomAccessFile fileName="${sys:openhab.logdir}/events.log" filePattern="${sys:openhab.logdir}/events.log.%i.gz" name="EVENT">
			<PatternLayout pattern="%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS} [%-5.5p] [%-36.36c] - %m%n"/>
				<RegexFilter regex=".*(Shelly_(.*)_LastUpdate|Shelly_(.*)_Power|Shelly_(.*)_Power_Total|Shelly_(.*)_InternalTemp|Shelly_(.*)_WifiSignal|Shelly_(.*)_Uptime).*" onMatch="DENY" onMismatch="NEUTRAL"/>
				<RegexFilter regex=".*(Solar_(.*)_Actual).*" onMatch="DENY" onMismatch="NEUTRAL" />
				<RegexFilter regex=".*(Astro_(.*)).*" onMatch="DENY" onMismatch="NEUTRAL" />
				<RegexFilter regex=".*(Motion_Temp_(.*)).*" onMatch="DENY" onMismatch="NEUTRAL" />
				<SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy size="16 MB"/>
			<DefaultRolloverStrategy max="5"/>

It looks like only the first regex gets processed. How can I create a set of filters like this?