Unable to work out how to make things appear on control page

I’m new to OpenHab and starting on OpenHab2. I’ve got a MySensors serial gateway which appears to be setup and a mysensors relay device (controls a lamp) that appeared in my inbox once I had completed the setup of the serial gateway. I can’t work out how to get from here to having my light controller on the control screen though.

Both the gateway and the light show up in the Things screen - http://i.imgur.com/a2eVfqz.png

I created a Light item but I can’t see how to link this to my light Thing.

Finally, I created a sitemap under openhab/conf/sitemaps/demo.sitemap with the following content. However, my control screen is still empty - I’d expect it to at the very least have the label - http://imgur.com/yEUESUk . Any ideas what I’ve missed ?

sitemap demo label="My home automation" {
    Frame label="Date" {
        Text item=Date
    Frame label="Demo" {
        Switch item=Light icon="big_bulb"

Thanks in advance,

Press the tbing on the things page in paper ui. Channels available for that thjing will populate, can link items there. Once items are linked, they will show up under control.

Ah … So I shouldn’t be using a sitemap anymore then ? If that’s the case, what’s the right way of laying out the control page ?


The control page has no layout options, more to see if stuff works. Either use a textual sitemap, or look into HABpanel. I personally am using HABpanel. Its quite easy to set up. Im currently waiting on a tutorial for the cool layout on this page.

Nice - Thanks!

Quite welcome