Underfloor Heating

We have a really dumb electric underfloor heating system. It has a digital control with bars to the floor temp (so pretty basic). IT does have a program…but it’s fixed. Something like 4am to 8am only. You can’t modify it…if you want it to come on at 8am, you’d have to advance the clock by 4 hours, and it will come on 8 to 12pm.

So wanting to smarten it up. At it’s most basic it needs the controller replaced with push button, lighted switch with a zwave relay behind it right?

How could I integrate the temperature…I mean I could just put a temp sensor on the floor for an indication of it’s temp, but the wire is already there so figured it would be nice to be able to use it.

I don’t want to get a shelly or sonoff or aliexpress thermostat, as they’re not certified here…and I’m keen to permanently wire an un-certified device in the house…also I’m not keen on a $200+ thermostat using whatever 1993 internet security one of these “smart” thermostats decide to implement in my country.

I’m happy with manual control (it’s what we do now) with any smarts coming with openhab. I’d go zwave since I’m happy with those.

You’ll need to find out what wattage you are seeking to control, at the very least.

So I would assume under 2000w (which is about the same as a electric fan heater). So given that assumption everything else would stack up?

Take a closer look at the controller, the switching capacity should be labeled :wink:

Maybe it might have an external control input? That would be the easiest one, even if it’s only on and off, it might fit your needs.

Do you have a picture of the wiring diagram printed on the device, or even better a model number or a link to a manual of this device?