Understanding Groups and Multiple Item Edits

With the zwave binding being testing and things looking good, I had a question on the setting groups for the items.

For example, with OH1, I’ve been experimenting with the “Dashboard UI Suitable for Tablets” and its a great UI. And when you set that up you need to include your items in a custom ‘gdashboard’ group.

Under OH1, that was rather simple to do in a text editor. But under OH2, it seems you may need to add a new/custom group individually per item and could a slow/tedious process with a lot of mouse clicking, etc all through a web browser?

Is is possible now in OH2 to do bulk edit of items to include in a group?

Is is possible now in OH2 to do bulk edit of items to include in a group?

OH2 provides you nothing less than OH1 in this respect. Simply define all your groups and items as you wish in an items file and you are done.


Thanks for getting back to me on that. I need to get back to experimenting with OH2 later this week when back home from traveling.

But in trying to understand and test out the Zwave binding and Habmin, it seemed that you do not (or should not?) need to to be adding items manually to an items file? So I think I got myself confused the proper steps to add an zwave or other item.

When do you add an item via the PaperUI Or Habmin, where is that item being stored? Is it in an xxxx.items files someplace?

See this topic for some backgorund informaiton.