Understanding Z-wave commands > Qubino Flush Shutter


I have a couple of z-wave devices (on/off and dimmer relays) and they are working fine.
I have found the configuration of the devices through trial and error, and trying different options I found on the internet.

Now I have a Qubino Flush Shutter, and I want to know how to configure this. But I can’t find any site describing how to control this module.

What is the normal approach in finding the Z-wave commands? Are they listed somewhere?

Use habmin, if it knows the device, it’ll provide you with a help text, too.
The ‘normal approach’ is to obtain documentation from the vendor. You can get yours at www.qubino.com (just need to register for downloads).

Hello Erwin

If you have it working, please update this here. I’m currently configuring my first flush shutter.


Hello Stefan,

Sorry, but I switched to Home Assistant over a year ago.

If this still isn’t easily available in openHAB then you should really have a look at Home Assistant :smile:

All supported devices should work out of the box if you use a somewhat current OH software version.
The database of supported devices is maintained here so even if your’s is missing you can add it yourself.

Thanks Markus

This I already know. Meanwhile I also have the basic Qubino Flush Shuuter working in its basic function (Up / Down). But there is more to it, which is another story. For the Fact of Documentation. The item entry would look like:

Rollershutter SLR_Shutter { channel=“zwave:device:1be27395:node4:blinds_control” }

Actually this device is not even listed on Chris’ list :slight_smile:


It is, otherwise it wouldn’t work.

Hi Markus

Oooh… it’s listed under Manufacturer - Goap
Qubino is my opinion better known and whwn you search for that term one will only find two devices.


The database uses the official names from ZWave, so some are a bit strange.