Unicode in Main UI and HabPanel broken after restart


I have observed the following behaviour and I wonder does OpenHab 3 have an issue with Unicode characters?

I have created a remote control for my TV in HabPanel and I uaed Unicode characters to label the buttons, e.g. :loud_sound: ,:ok:,…
This has been working without a problem on OH 2.5

Now, after migration to OH3, I have noticed that after every restart of the openhab service, these icons are replaced by one or two question marks. I can switch to edit mode and replace them by the icons again and it will be fine until the next restart.

I checked if it is only HabPanel and added a :tv: to the label of a cell in the new Main UI. This, too, does not survive a restart.

Is there a bug in how openhab persists the UI configuration? And if so, where would be the right place to open an issue about that?

I had a similar issue and had to set UTF 8 as described here OH3: „Umlaute“ change to „?“ after restart - #8 by sheldon … not sure which system you are running on so this might not be aplicable.

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Thank you for the link (again :slightly_smiling_face:). I am running on Raspbian 10. Not sure where to find the setting but I will read through your link and try my best…

Same as me, AFAIK it was

sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

as the link I shared above describes …

EDIT: My settings

Hope it works for you …

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It was easy to find in the RaspberryPi Configuration dialog, I changed the setting to UTF 8 and now everything is fine. :+1:

Great to hear! :+1: