Unifi Binding - Addresses, users and passwords

Hello all,
I migrated to a unifi UDMP setup about 6 months ago, and for the most part am incredibly happy with it (drastically better reliability, love the roaming between APs, etc)

I’ve been trying to set up the unifi binding, and am running into issues.
I installed it via PaperUI, then attempted to add the controller via PaperUI as well
In the settings, I set what I believed to be the IP, the user, and the password, and get a connection error.
It probably shows my lack of mastery of the UDMP, but there are some key details I’d like to clarify, if possible
IP - I can access my controller via a browser from a few different IP addresses: a local one (192.168.x.x), a remote one (107.190.x.x), as well as the usual domain name unifi.ui.com. Does it make a different which I use? I think I’ve tried both IP addresses in a variety of user/password combinations.

I then use the email address I used to set my ui account up, and the password for this account to log in. This doesn’t work.

I then discovered that there are TWO different SSH login levels to this beast as well.
There is the base one for the UDMP (user root, and password set in the first level of logging into the controller, before clicking on network, clicking instead on settings>advanced), and the second level of SSH loging in (to the unifi controller), after clicking on network, then clicking on settings >network setting > device authentication). Interestingly, these are two different sets of credentials. The first has the unalterable username root, and a password that is not synchronized with the other SSH password. The second one you can set both the user and the password.

I can’t seem to be able to log in at either IP address with the UI.com email/password login, with the root/password SSH login, or the customuser/password SSH login.
Is there something else that I should be using?

I have been using port 8443. I haven’t changed any ports from the default/standard ports for my UDMP setup.

UDMP Firmwarwe 1.8.0
Unifi Controller v 5.14.22
OpenHabian , openhab 2.5.7 on a RPi4


For the IP address it should be the local ip of the dream machine. That should be the 192. One.

For the user I would have to check my setup but I believe it may need user name bs email address. This is the same one as on ui.com.

For ssh I am uncertain what the default credentials are if any. But I do know there is a check box in the controller to allow ssh and change password for ssh.

Current binding does not work with UDM due to changes in the API.
I made a prototype for OH3 (also created a pull-request on the repo) and Matt wanted to pick up from there.

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This would explain it, @mdillman .

Is anyone able to inform me what the correct port should be?

To clarify my challenges further,
port 8443 - 404 error
port 8080 - Error establishing an SSL connection with the UniFi controller
available ports for unifi controller (not necessarily specific to the UDM/P): https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/articles/218506997-UniFi-Ports-Used