UniFi binding beta [3.2.0;3.6.0)

I have a local Super Administrator account on each of my Unifi Network Controllers (I have a controller in each of 2 sites). The local account is a simple userid (i.e. not my Unifi account email address) and a password. That’s what I put in the Unifi binding config.

Let’s bundle to conversation if you do not mind within the existing specific treat.

I experienced another issue:
When trying to reconnect a device via openhab, I get the following info log:

2024-05-02 17:11:29.943 [INFO ] [ternal.handler.UniFiBaseThingHandler] - Could not handle command ON for channel = unifi:wirelessClient:home:Shelly_Kueche_Arbeitsplatte_links:reconnect because no entity/controller data available.

items file:

Switch                     Shelly_Kueche_Arbeitsplatte_links_reconnect     "Reconnect Shelly Kueche Arbeitsplatte Links"      <switch>    (gUnifi_ReconnectHauptschalter)                                                                                {channel="unifi:wirelessClient:home:Shelly_Kueche_Arbeitsplatte_links:reconnect", listWidget="oh-toggle-item", stateDescription=""[options="ON=Ja, OFF=Nein"]}

Thing file

Bridge unifi:controller:home "UniFi Controller" [ host="192.168.186.xxx", port=443, unifios=true, username="yyyy", password="zzzz", refresh=60 ] {
    Thing wirelessClient Shelly_Kueche_Arbeitsplatte_links "Shelly Kueche Arbeitsplatte Links Unifi" [ cid="192.168.186.abc", site="default", considerHome=180 ]

Any idea?

Any idea on this? Do I need to put a bug report somewhere?