Unifi count all WirelessClient


i have a unifi binding and connected and working!
i have also 4 ssid on my AccessPoint, working fine too.

i have crated 4 thing with each ssid
i have crated 1 WirelessClient ITEM and added all 4 things (WirelessClient)

the Item has 4 Channel Links with eacht Unifi WirelessClient)
if you click on the Chanel Links to a WirelessClient you could change something in the Profile (Standart, Folgen, Scriptxxx, scrip rule dsl or versatz)
what should be selected?

the Problem
i would expect at the item level it would count (add) the Client on the SSID together - but this is not happen

what should i do to count all WirelessClient?

have a nice day

That’s not how it works. This approach will never work. Channels do not interact with each other even with profiles. They can’t see each other so there’s no way they can sum up all the values.

Link each of the four Channels to separate Items. Put those four Items into a Group of type Number with an aggregation function of sum.

thanks for your feedback @rlkoshak
how to do a group?
things, model, items but can’t find to crate a group
i could do Equipment or Points

don’t know what the group or where to group them

have a nice day

See Semantic Model | openHAB

At a high level, on Settings → Items click +, choose “Group” as the type, “Number” as the member base type and “SUM” as the aggregation function.

Obviously you’ll need to enter a name and label for the Item too.

@rlkoshak it works now
thanks for your help - it is tricky about things item group and what have to be connected where to get the result you wished. path is hard and steep

Well… It’s not that hard if you get the way how openHAB is doing it’s job.

Things are the equivalent to your hardware. Channels are the “details” of your hardware
These things are an abstraction layer to get a common ground for different hardware.

openHAB is an acronym for “open home automation bus”, so openHAB has its own bus. To get access to this bus, you have to use Items. Therefor, each channel which shall be used in openHAB, has to be linked to an item.
It’s possible to link as many Channels to an Item as you like, as well as it’s possible to link as many Items to a Channel, but each Item is only able to “store” one value, so multi-links are only useful to sync data - e.g. a channel represents an actuator for a light bulb, another channel represents a wall switch, if both are linked to the same Switch Item, this will result in a wall switch, which is able to control the light bulb.

Group Items are… Items.
There is no such thing as a “Thing Item Group”.
So you have to link Channels to Items, which then can be grouped.
Really, it’s not that hard.

I don’t like the “rtfm”, but… :wink: to get an easy access to openHAB, the best option is to read at least

and some other parts of the really good documentation.

With the follow profile applied also. It’s not sufficient to just link both channels by themselves…

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