UniFi Protect Binding (Cloudkey gen2+, Dream Machine Pro, NVR)

The channels for smart detections has been reworked.
See GitHub - seaside1/unifiprotect: OpenHAB UniFi Protect Addon

I would suggest you remove the camera and readd it, then update the items to use the correct channels (also use the latest version of the binidng)

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Change official version to openHAB 4.x.x
Market place version is updated as well.

I am using OpenHab 4.0.2 and installed the binding from the marketplace. When trying to add a new thing the page remains empty:

Restarting OpenHab and re-installing the addon did not help. Still the same. The logs are not showing any issues. Did anyone encounter that and knows what to do?

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I have the same problem

Not sure why installing the addon via marketplace is not working.
I have submitted a bug on openHAB Core. Installing the binding manually (same jar as provided by marketplace), is working.

Addon is fixed for marketplace now by renaming the jar-file.


For those who has experienced disconnects of events from time to time.
I have built a pre-release with a watch dog that will restart the binding if it does not receive events
after a certain time. Would be helpful if you can help me and test it.

I never had any issues and I use the motion channel and the type of detection. The only time I had problems was when I switched to 4.0 and compiled your prelease but after you released an official one Wich works great since.

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I have added an option now in the pre release. You can on the nvr (bridge/controller) disable download of heatmaps or thumbnails. This will affect all cameras.

Commit: Added options to enable / disable download of heatmap and thumbnail o… · seaside1/unifiprotect@bdf10a4 · GitHub


New stable version is out

  • Added Privazy Zone Support, toggle privacy zone from any camera on or off
  • Added chime channel for G4DB/PRO to easily enable / disable chime. Using chimeDuration configuration.
  • Add enable / disable of thumbnail download
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Thx for your fix!
Now it is working and i can add my NVR and the cameras!

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I do get the following events every 15 minutes:

2023-09-26 23:38:51.431 [INFO ] [ernal.event.UniFiProtectEventManager] - Watch dog Detected no events recieved, reinitializing!
2023-09-26 23:39:01.434 [INFO ] [ernal.event.UniFiProtectEventManager] - Socket failed, reinitializing!

Seems that this does not have any functional impact.

It means that no events are recieved through the websocket in 15 minutes and the binding is restarting. Do you use motion detection in any of your cameras, or ring on doorbell?
Otherwise you can turn the watchdog off in settings for the nvr/bridge