UniFi Protect Binding (Cloudkey gen2+, Dream Machine Pro, NVR)

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UniFi Protect Binding


Integrates UniFi Protect Camera System into OpenHAB. See UniFi
This binding utilizes an undocumented json REST API that is present in the NVR. It works very similar
to the

  1. Homebridge solution: GitHub - hjdhjd/homebridge-unifi-protect: Complete HomeKit integration for UniFi Protect with full support for most features including autoconfiguration, motion detection, and multiple controllers: https://homebridge.io
  2. HomeAssistant solution: GitHub - briis/unifiprotect: Control and monitor your Unifi Protect Cameras from Home Assistant

The binding is written in java and tailored for OpenHAB.

The Binding has a configurable refresh rate. The refresh rate will update the NVR information.
For Events (motion detection) starting at ALPHA6 the UniFiProtect Event API over websockets has
been implemented. Thus motion detection should be instant and without the need of polling.

OpenHab Version

The binding was originally written for Openhab 2.5.x. The prebuild jar-file for OpenHAB 2.5.x is located
unifiprotect/bin at main · seaside1/unifiprotect · GitHub and named org.openhab.binding.unifiprotect-2.5.x-ALPHAXX.jar

OpenHAB 3.0.0Mx version is also located under unifiprotect/bin at main · seaside1/unifiprotect · GitHub and name

Future versions of this binding will mainly support OpenHAB 3.0.0
I’ll build 2.5.x version if there is need.


Maturity: ALPHA
OpenHAB Version: 2.5.x & Openhab 3.0.0Mx

Example of usage

  • Detect Motion and trigger other system notifications, Alexa, Google Home, turn on lights, sound an alarm etc.
  • Turn on and off notifications, can be used together with presence detection.
  • View general information about Cameras and NVR, for instance check hard-drive health and storage.
  • Reboot Cameras
  • Turn on / off IR - leds
  • Turn on / off Recording from the camera
  • Turn on / off HDR mode
  • Turn on / off High FPS mode
  • Turn of / off status light on camera
  • Download a thumbnail of latest motion event
  • Download a snapshot from the Camera
  • Download an anonymous snapshot (needed if more than you require snapshots more frequent than every 10 seconds)
  • Download a Heat map of latest recorded motion event
  • Get a score of 0-100 on each motion event, in order to be able to filter out false positives
  • Detect if a hardrive in the nvr fails
  • Monitor the memory / diskstorage and CPU temperature
  • G4 Camera Smart Detections (Person or vehicle)
  • G4 Camera Smart Detection thumbnail
  • G4 Camera Smart Detection Score
  • G4 Camera enable smart detections
  • G4 Doorbell set custom LCD message
  • G4 Doorbell set predefined message (Leave package and do not disturb)
  • G4 Doorbell detect if it is ringing

Supported hardware

  • UniFi Protect Cloud Key Gen2+ Firmware >= 2.0.18
  • UniFi Dream Machine / Pro
  • Any UniFi Protect Camera G3 and G4
  • UniFi NVR
  • UniFi Doorbell

The binding has been rewritten to support UniFi OS only. That means if you have a UCKP (Cloudkey gen2+)
you need to update it to at least firmware 2.0.18. After 2.0.18 UCKP is running UniFiOs just like the


Manual setup

A quirk is that there is a bug in firmware 2.0.18 which does not display the local user name
when calling the API. Therefor you need to have the same First Name as user name in order for the binding to pick
up the correct user.

Step by step setup Anonymous Snapshots (creds @largepills)

To use the Anonymous Snapshot, you must ensure that each Camera is configured to allow this. This cannot be done in the UniFi Protect Controller, but has to be done on each individual Camera.

  1. Login to each of your Cameras by going to http://CAMERA_IP. The Username is ubnt and the Camera Password can be found in Unifi Protect under Settings.
  2. If you have never logged in to the Camera before, it might take you through a Setup procedure - just make sure to keep it in Unifi Video mode, so that it is managed by Unifi Protect.
  3. Once you are logged in, you will see an option on the Front page for enabling Anonymous Snapshots. Make sure this is checked, and then press the Save Changes button.
  4. Repeat step 3 for each of your Cameras.

Supported Things

  • nvr/bridge - Running UniFi Protect and handles the attached cameras
  • g3camera - A UniFi G3 Camera
  • g4camera - A UniFi G4 Camera
  • g4doorbell - A UniFi G4 Doorbell


Discovery of cameras is possible. Background auto discovery is turned off and the Controller / NVR needs
to be added manually before you can discover any devices. Doing discovery in the UI is recommended since
it will reduce the risk of syntax errors.

Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options, all configuration is done at the Bridge and Thing levels.

NVR / Bridge Configuration

You need to configure a NVR / Bridge manually before you can setup any cameras.

The following table describes the Bridge configuration parameters:

Parameter Description Config Default
Hostname Hostname or IP address of the NVR Required -
Username The username to access the UniFiProtect Required -
Password The password credential Required -
Refresh Interval Refresh interval in seconds Required 60
Thumbnail Width Thumbnails will use this width Required 640
Image Folder Images (snapshots etc) will be stored in this folder Optional -
Events Timer Period The number of seconds to look back for motion events Optional 30

Thing Configuration

You must add a NVR / Controller (Bridge) before adding Cameras.

The following table describes the Thing configuration parameters for G3 and G4:

Parameter Description Config Default
Name The name of the Camera Required -
Mac The MAC address of the camera (uppercase without ‘:’) Required 180

The following table describes the Thing configuration parameters for G4 Doorbell:

Parameter Description Config Default
Name The name of the G4 Doorbell Required -
Mac The MAC address of the G4 Doorbell (uppercase without ‘:’) Required 180
lcdCustomMessage A custm LCD preconfigured message Optional -

NVR Channels

The NVR Channels

Channel ID Item Type Description Permissions
name String NVR Name Read
host String Hostname / IP Read
version String NVR Version Read
firmware-version String NVR Firmware version Read
uptime Number Uptime in milliseconds Read
last-seen DateTime NVR Last Seen At Read
last-updated-at DateTime NVR Last updated at Read
is-connected-to-cloud Switch NVR is Connected to UniFi Cloud Read
enable-automatic-backups Switch Automatic backups is enabled or disabled Read
hosts String Hosts string (multiple hosts) Read
host-short-name String The host short-name Read
recording-retention-duration Number Recording retention duration in ms Read
storage-total-size Number Total storage size Read
storage-type String Type of Storage (hdd, usb or similar) Read
storage-used Number Used storage space Read
storage-available String Total storage available Read
device-0-model String Storage Device 0 model Read
device-0-size Number Storage Device 0 size Read
device-0-healthy Switch Storage Device 0 Healthy Read
cpu-average-load Number CPU Average Load Read
cpu-temperature Number CPU Temperature Read
mem-available Number Available Memory Read
mem-free Number Free Memory Read
mem-total Number Tota Memory Read
alerts Switch Turn on or of notifications Read/Write


The alerts channel allows you to turn on or off alerts sent by the UniFi Protect App.
You need to configure the alerts yourself by logging into the controller.

G3 Camera Channels

Channel ID Item Type Description Permissions
name String Camera Name Read
type String Camera Type Read
state String Connection state Read
host String Hostname / IP Read
is-dark Switch If it is considered to be dark Read
status-light Switch Turn on / off status light on the camera Read/Write
reboot Switch Reboot a camera Read/Write
motion-heatmap Image An Heatmap of the last motion event Read
motion-thumbnail Image A thumbnail image of the last motion event Read
motion-score Number A numeric score for last motion event 0-100 Read
snapshot Switch Capture a snapshot in the image folder Read/Write
snapshot-img Image The snapshot image Read
a-snapshot Switch Capture Anonymous snapshot, stored in the image folder Read/Write
a-snapshot-img Image The anonymous snapshot image Read
ir-mode Number Infra red mode Auto, On, Off Read/Write
hdr-mode Switch Turn HDR on or off Read/Write
high-fps-mode Switch Turn High FPS mode on / off (needs to be supported by camera) Read/Write
recording-mode Number Set recording mode for the camera On/Off/Motion Read/Write
is-motion-detected Switch Turned on when a motion is detected Read
is-mic-enabled Switch If mic is enabled / disabled Read
is-recording Switch If the camera is recording Read
up-since DateTime Camera has been up since Read
connected-since DateTime Camera has been connected since Read
last-seen DateTime Camera was last seen Read
last-motion DateTime When last motion was detected at Read
mic-volume Number The volume of the microphone Read

G4 Camera Channels (Has all the G3 Channels)

Channel ID Item Type Description Permissions
smart-detect-person Switch Toggle setting for smartdetection of a person Read/Write
smart-detect-vehicle Switch Toggle setting for smartdetection of a vehicle Read/Write
smart-detect-motion Switch Toggled when a smartdetection is triggered Read
smart-detect-thumbnail Image A thumbnail image of the last smart detection event Read
smart-detect-score Number A numeric score for last smart motion event 0-100 Read
smart-detect-type String The last smart detection type vehicle or preson Read
smart-detect-last DateTime Last Smart Detection Event timestamp Read

G4 Doorbell Camera Channels (Has all the G3 and G4 Channels)

Channel ID Item Type Description Permissions
ring-thumbnail Image Last Ring Event Image Read/Write
is-ringing Switch Toggled when doorbell is pushed (ding-dong) Read/Write
last-ring DateTime Timestamp for last ring event Read/Write
lcd-leave-package Switch Will display the predefined Leave Package at Door message Read/Write
lcd-do-not-disturb Switch Will display the predefined Do not disturb message Read/Write
lcd-custom Switch Will display the pre configured or lcd-custom-text message Read/Write
lcd-custom-text String Channel for setting custom lcd messages Read/Write

The LCD message displayed by the doorbell will either be the configured message in the thing configuration or
the set message in the lcd-custom-text channel.
Use the thing config if you want a static custom message to be displayed. Use the lcd-custom-text channel
if you want to dynamically set the message.

Full Example

Make sure you replace the ids in the items below (NVRID and MACADDRESS)
The String NVRID refers to the Thing Id of the bridge. It will be something random if you create it
using the GUI.


Use paper UI to either discovery or add things
If you want to create Things manually use below example (although this is not encouraged)


Bridge unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID "UniFi Protect NVR" [ host="...", username="...", password="...", refresh=60 ] {
   Thing camera frontDoorCamera [name="Front door camera", mac="AABBCCDDEEFFGG"]

Important, the mac address needs to be in uppercase without “:”.


Group    gUniFiProtect        "UniFi Protect"
Group    sUniFiProtect        "Sitemap UniFiProtect"

Group    CKG2PNvr                 "CKG2+ Nvr" (gUniFiProtect)
String   CKG2PNvrName             "CKG2+ Name"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:name" }
String   CKG2PNvrHost             "CKG2+ Host"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:host" }
String   CKG2PNvrHosts             "CKG2+ Hosts"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:hosts" }
String   CKG2PNvrHostShortName     "CKG2+ Host Short Name"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:host-short-name" }
String   CKG2PNvrVersion             "CKG2+ Version"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:version" }
String   CKG2PNvrFirmwareVersion             "CKG2+ FirmwareVersion"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:firmware-version" }
Number   CKG2PNvrUptime             "CKG2+ Uptime [%d]"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:uptime" }
DateTime CKG2PNvrLastUpdatedAt      "CKG2+ LastUpdated [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" <timestamp>  (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:last-updated-at" }
DateTime CKG2PNvrLastSeen      "CKG2+ LastSeen [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]"  <timestamp> (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:last-seen" }
Switch   CKG2PNvrConnectedToCloud "CKG2+ Cloud Connected [%s]" (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:is-connected-to-cloud" }
Switch   CKG2PNvrAutomaticBackups "CKG2+ Enabled Automatic Backups [%s]" (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:enable-automatic-backups" }
Number   CKG2PNvrRetention             "CKG2+ Recording Retention Duration [%d]"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:recording-retention-duration" }
Number   CKG2PNvrCpuLoad             "CKG2+ CPU Load [%d]"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:cpu-average-load" }
Number   CKG2PNvrCpuTemperature             "CKG2+ CPU Temperature [%d]"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:cpu-temperature" }
Number   CKG2PNvrMemAvailable             "CKG2+ Memory Available [%d]"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:mem-available" }
Number   CKG2PNvrMemFree             "CKG2+ Memory Free [%d]"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:mem-total" }
Number   CKG2PNvrMemTotal             "CKG2+ Memory Total [%d]"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:mem-free" }
Number   CKG2PNvrStorageUsed             "CKG2+ Storage Used [%d]"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:storage-used" }
Number   CKG2PNvrStorageTotalSize             "CKG2+ Storage Total Size [%d]"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:storage-total-size" }
Number   CKG2PNvrStorageAvailable             "CKG2+ Storage Available [%d]"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:storage-available" }
String   CKG2PNvrStorageType             "CKG2+ Storage Type"                   (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:storage-type" }
String   CKG2PNvrD0Model    "CKG2+ Device 0 Model"                                    (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:device-0-model" }
Switch   CKG2PNvrD0Healthy    "CKG2+ Device 0 Healthy"                                    (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:device-0-healthy" }
Number   CKG2PNvrD0Size    "CKG2+ Device 0 Size [%d]"                                    (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:device-0-size" }
Switch   CKG2PNvrAlerts           "CKG2+ Alerts [%s]" (CKG2PNvr) { channel="unifiprotect:nvr:NVRID:alerts" }

//G3 Camera
Group    G3DMyCam                 "G3 Cam"                       (gUniFiProtect)
String   G3DMyCamName             "G3 Cam Name"                   (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:name" }
String   G3DMyCamType             "G3 Cam Type"                   (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:type" }
String   G3DMyCamHost             "G3 Cam Host"                   (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:host" }
String   G3DMyCamState            "G3 Cam State"                   (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:state" }
DateTime G3DMyCamUpSince          "G3 Cam Up Since [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:up-since" }       
DateTime G3DMyCamLastSeen         "G3 Cam Last Seen [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:last-seen" }       
DateTime G3DMyCamConnectedSince   "G3 Cam Connected Since [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:connected-since" }       
DateTime G3DMyCamLastMotion       "G3 Cam Last Motion [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:last-motion" }       
Number   G3DMyCamMicVolume        "G3 Cam Mic Volume [%d]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:mic-volume" }
Switch   G3DMyCamMicEnabled       "G3 Cam Mic Enabled [%s]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-mic-enabled" }
Switch   G3DMyCamDark             "G3 Cam is Dark [%s]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-dark" }
Switch   G3DMyCamRecording        "G3 Cam is Recording [%s]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-recording" }
Switch   G3DMyCamMotionDetect           "G3 Cam Motion Detected [%s]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-motion-detected" }
Switch   G3DMyCamStatusLight           "G3 Cam Status Light [%s]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:status-light" }
Switch   G3DMyCamReboot           "G3 Cam Reboot [%s]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:reboot" }
Switch   G3DMyCamHDRMode           "G3 Cam HDR Mode [%s]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:hdr-mode" }
Switch   G3DMyCamHighFPSMode           "G3 Cam High Fps Mode [%s]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:high-fps-mode" }
Number   G3DMyCamIRMode           "G3 Cam IR Mode [MAP(unifiprotect_ir.map):%s]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:ir-mode" }
Number   G3DMyCamRecordingMode   "G3 Cam Recording mode [MAP(unifiprotect_rec.map):%s]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:recording-mode" }
Switch   G3DMyCamAnonSnapshot   "G3 Cam AnonSnapshot " (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:a-snapshot",expire="3s,command=OFF" } 
Image   G3DMyCamAnonSnapshotImg    "G3 Cam AnonSnapshot Img" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:a-snapshot-img" } 
Switch   G3DMyCamSnapshot   "G3 Cam Snapshot " (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:snapshot",expire="3s,command=OFF" } 
Image   G3DMyCamSnapshotImg    "G3 Cam Snapshot Img" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:snapshot-img" } 
Image   G3DMyMotionThumbnail    "G3 Thumbnail Img" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:motion-thumbnail" } 
Image   G3DMyMotionHeatmap    "G3 Heatmap Img" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:motion-heatmap" } 
Number  G3DMyMotionScore      "G3 Score [%d]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g3camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:motion-score" } 

//G4 Camera
Group    G4DMyCam                 "G4 Cam"                       (gUniFiProtect)
String   G4DMyCamName             "G4 Cam Name"                   (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:name" }
String   G4DMyCamType             "G4 Cam Type"                   (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:type" }
String   G4DMyCamHost             "G4 Cam Host"                   (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:host" }
String   G4DMyCamState            "G4 Cam State"                   (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:state" }
DateTime G4DMyCamUpSince          "G4 Cam Up Since [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:up-since" }       
DateTime G4DMyCamLastSeen         "G4 Cam Last Seen [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:last-seen" }       
DateTime G4DMyCamConnectedSince   "G4 Cam Connected Since [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:connected-since" }       
DateTime G4DMyCamLastMotion       "G4 Cam Last Motion [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:last-motion" }       
Number   G4DMyCamMicVolume        "G4 Cam Mic Volume [%d]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:mic-volume" }
Switch   G4DMyCamMicEnabled       "G4 Cam Mic Enabled [%s]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-mic-enabled" }
Switch   G4DMyCamDark             "G4 Cam is Dark [%s]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-dark" }
Switch   G4DMyCamRecording        "G4 Cam is Recording [%s]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-recording" }
Switch   G4DMyCamMotionDetect           "G4 Cam Motion Detected [%s]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-motion-detected" }
Switch   G4DMyCamStatusLight           "G4 Cam Status Light [%s]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:status-light" }
Switch   G4DMyCamReboot           "G4 Cam Reboot [%s]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:reboot" }
Switch   G4DMyCamHDRMode           "G4 Cam HDR Mode [%s]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:hdr-mode" }
Switch   G4DMyCamHighFPSMode           "G4 Cam High Fps Mode [%s]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:high-fps-mode" }
Number   G4DMyCamIRMode           "G4 Cam IR Mode [MAP(unifiprotect_ir.map):%s]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:ir-mode" }
Number   G4DMyCamRecordingMode   "G4 Cam Recording mode [MAP(unifiprotect_rec.map):%s]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:recording-mode" }
Switch   G4DMyCamAnonSnapshot   "G4 Cam AnonSnapshot " (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:a-snapshot",expire="3s,command=OFF" } 
Image   G4DMyCamAnonSnapshotImg    "G4 Cam AnonSnapshot Img" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:a-snapshot-img" } 
Switch   G4DMyCamSnapshot   "G4 Cam Snapshot " (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:snapshot",expire="3s,command=OFF" } 
Image   G4DMyCamSnapshotImg    "G4 Cam Snapshot Img" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:snapshot-img" } 
Image   G4DMyMotionThumbnail    "G4 Thumbnail Img" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:motion-thumbnail" } 
Image   G4DMyMotionHeatmap    "G4 Heatmap Img" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:motion-heatmap" } 
Number  G4DMyMotionScore      "G4 Score [%d]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:motion-score" } 
Switch  G4SmartDetectPerson "G4 SmartDetect Person" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-person" }
Switch  G4SmartDetectVehicle "G4 SmartDetect Vehicle" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-vehicle" }
Switch  G4SmartDetectMotion "G4 SmartDetect Motion" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-motion" }
Image   G4SmartDetectThumbnail    "G4 SmartDetect Thumbnail Img" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-thumbnail" } 
Number  G4SmartDetectScore      "G4 Score [%d]" (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-score" } 
String  G4SmartDetectType    "G4 SmartDetect Type"  (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-type" }
DateTime G4SmartDetectLast "G4 Last SmartDetect [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" <timestamp> (G4DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:g4camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-last" }

//G4 Doorbell
Group    G4DB               "G4DB"                       (gUniFiProtect)
String   G4DBName             "G4DB Name"                   (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:name" }
String   G4DBType             "G4DB Type"                   (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:type" }
String   G4DBHost             "G4DB Host"                   (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:host" }
String   G4DBState             "G4DB State"                   (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:state" }
DateTime G4DBUpSince             "G4DB Up Since [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" <timestamp>  (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:up-since" }       
DateTime G4DBLastSeen             "G4DB Last Seen [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" <timestamp>  (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:last-seen" }       
DateTime G4DBConnectedSince            "G4DB Connected Since [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" <timestamp>  (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:connected-since" }       
DateTime G4DBLastMotion            "G4DB Last Motion [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" <timestamp>  (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:last-motion" }       
Number   G4DBMicVolume            "G4DB Mic Volume [%d]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:mic-volume" }       
Switch   G4DBMicEnabled            "G4DB Mic Enabled [%s]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-mic-enabled" }       
Switch   G4DBDark             "G4DB is Dark [%s]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-dark" }       
Switch   G4DBRecording             "G4DB is Recording [%s]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-recording" }              
Switch   G4DBMotionDetect           "G4DB Motion Detected [%s]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-motion-detected" }       
Switch   G4DBStatusLight           "G4DB Status Light [%s]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:status-light" }       
Switch   G4DBReboot           "G4DB Reboot [%s]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:reboot" }       
Switch   G4DBHDRMode           "G4DB HDR Mode [%s]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:hdr-mode" }
Switch   G4DBHighFPSMode           "G4DB High Fps Mode [%s]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:high-fps-mode" }       
Number   G4DBIRMode           "G4DB IR Mode [MAP(unifiprotect_ir.map):%s]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:ir-mode" }       
Number   G4DBRecordingMode   "G4DB Recording mode [MAP(unifiprotect_rec.map):%s]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:recording-mode" }       
Switch   G4DBAnonSnapshot   "G4DB AnonSnapshot " (G4DB,gUniFiProtectAnonSnapshot) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:a-snapshot",expire="3s,command=OFF" } 
Image   G4DBAnonSnapshotImg    "G4DB AnonSnapshot Img" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:a-snapshot-img" } 
Switch   G4DBSnapshot   "G4DB Snapshot " (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:snapshot",expire="3s,command=OFF" } 
Image   G4DBSnapshotImg    "G4DB Snapshot Img" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:snapshot-img" } 
Image   G4DBMotionThumbnail    "G4DB Thumbnail Img" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:motion-thumbnail" } 
Image   G4DBMotionHeatmap    "G4DB Heatmap Img" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:motion-heatmap" } 
Number  G4DBMotionScore      "G4DB Score [%d]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:motion-score" } 
Switch  G4DBLcdLeavePackage  "G4DB LCD Leave Package At Door" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:lcd-leave-package",expire="5s,command=OFF" } 
Switch  G4DBLcdDoNotDisturb  "G4DB LCD Do not disturb" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:lcd-do-not-disturb",expire="5s,command=OFF" } 
Switch  G4DBCustomMessage  "G4DB LCD Custom Message" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:lcd-custom",expire="5s,command=OFF" } 
String  G4DBCustomMessageText  "G4DB LCD Custom Message Text" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:lcd-custom-text" } 
Switch   G4DBIsRinging   "G4DB is Ringing" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:is-ringing" } 
DateTime G4DBLastRing            "G4DB Last Ring [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" <timestamp>  (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:last-ring" }       
Image   G4DBRingThumbnail    "G4DB Ring Thumbnail Img" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:ring-thumbnail" } 
Switch  G4DBSetCustomMessage "G4DB Set Custom message" (G4DB)
Switch  G4DBSmartDetectPerson "G4DB SmartDetect Person" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-person" }
Switch  G4DBSmartDetectVehicle "G4DB SmartDetect Vehicle" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-vehicle" }
Switch  G4DBSmartDetectMotion "G4DB SmartDetect Motion" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-motion" }
Image   G4DBSmartDetectThumbnail    "G4DB SmartDetect Thumbnail Img" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-thumbnail" } 
Number  G4DBSmartDetectScore      "G4DB Score [%d]" (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-score" } 
String  G4DBSmartDetectType    "G4DB SmartDetect Type"  (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-type" }
DateTime G4DBSmartDetectLast "G4DB Last SmartDetect [%1$tY.%1$tm.%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]" <timestamp> (G4DB) { channel="unifiprotect:g4doorbell:NVRID:MACADDRESS:smart-detect-last" }






sitemap unifiprotect label="UniFiProtect Binding" {
	Frame {
		 Group item=sUniFiProtect {
		   Group item=gUniFiProtect
                   Switch item=G3DMyCamIRMode mappings=[0="Auto",1="On",2="FilterOnly"]
                   Switch item=G3DMyCamRecordingMode mappings=[0="Never",1="Always",2="Motion"]

Manual Install

Get jar-file from repo. Place the jar-file in the openhab-addons folder



  • Fixed bug for UniFi Protect version 1.19.0 beta 10 where storage info is no longer working.


  • Fixed motion detection channel bug


  • Fixed bug in heatmap dl
  • Removed some logging


  • Added G3 Camera
  • Added G4 Camera
  • Added G4 Doorbell
  • Added Smart Detection Events
  • Added G4 Doorbell features
  • Rework event detction (motion, smartevents, ringing)


  • Removed info logging, changed to debug
  • Eventlistener will now be retarted in case the NVR is rebooted
  • Anon snapshots will be refreshed right away


  • Fixed Image type for snapshot


  • Websocket connection is reconnected when closed
  • Fetching thumbnail and heatmap more quickly and in a more stable approach
  • Fixed Name, Status, MAC, Host channels


  • OpenHAB Version 3 support


  • Websocket Event API Support


  • Removed port configuration from the binding. Port 443 and port 80 are used.
  • Renamed and added several attributes for NVR thing
  • Major refactoring for UniFiOS
  • Prepared for event based API
  • Workaround for bug with localusername, firstname needs to be the same as localusername
  • Motion score added
  • Events are now fetched at the same rate as refresh
  • Changed debug log to not be as verbose


  • Support for multiple harddrives
  • Live view of cameras

Some screenshots:

Built a new ALPHA2 version which fixes NPEs when downloading snapshots and handles Event Timers a bit differently for dowloading heatmaps and thumbnails.

Would be great if someone would dare to try it out :slight_smile:

I’ve reworked the motion detection. It now has threee items:

Image   G3DMyMotionThumbnail    "G3 Thumbnail Img" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:motion-thumbnail" } 
Image   G3DMyMotionHeatmap    "G3 Heatmap Img" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:motion-heatmap" } 
Number  G3DMyMotionScore      "G3 Score [%d]" (G3DMyCam) { channel="unifiprotect:camera:NVRID:MACADDRESS:motion-score" } 

The heatmap and motion event picture are captured automatically now, no need for a manual DSL rule. I’ve also added a score for the image, in order to be able to filter out false positives.

Added and ALPHA3 version with new motion detection.

Good news, CloudKey Gen2 has a beta firmware with UniFiOS. I can implement the event based api over websockets now as well as supporting the other UniFi OS devices (UDMPro and Unifi NVR). Which means the binding won’t have to poll for events.

I’ll get back once it is done.

See here for more info: (You need to be logged in to access the page)

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I’ve updated the binding to only support UniFi OS now.
If you have a Cloudkey Gen2+, update to firmware 2.0.18 or later.
UDMP and UNVR should work but have not been tested. Would be great if someone could try and test them.


Fixed some bugs and changed event API to not be called as frequent.
Event based API is whats next in line.

New ALPHA6 version. This binding now has implemented the event API over websockets making motion detection instant.

Next up is support for OpenHAB 3.


I’ve added support for OpenHAB 3.0.0.
I have only tested it briefly for OpenHAB 3.0.0M4.
Future versions will only be built for OpenHAB 3.

Great work on this binding and documentation @Seaside
I have implemented binding org.openhab.binding.unifiprotect-2.5.x-ALPHA6.jar on Openhab version - 2.5.9-1
UniFi-CloudKey-Gen2-Plus - firmware version 2.0.22

From openhab I was able to add UniFi Protect NVR and configure. Was then able to add two Unifi Cameras (G3 & G4Doorbell) thru PaperUI. I am seeing all the expected Items and logged events but unable to trigger any rule using these events. Can anyone confirm successful rule trigger from this bindings ItemStateChange logs? I have several other working rules currently in place fyi.

2020-12-02 16:37:10.064 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - unifiprotect_camera_3e2f3681_E063DAAF6BD1_is_motion_detected changed from OFF to ON

rule “Front of House Motion”
Item unifiprotect_camera_3e2f3681_E063DAAF6BD1_is_motion_detected changed to ON
//triggering light on event
//triggering logInfo
//triggering sendMail action

Hi James, could you please put some step-by-step instruction what to do to let the binding work with the cloud key. I have the cloud-key-gen2+ - the latest firmware I could find and which is installed is the 1.1.13. I downloaded the jar file and put it in the addon-folder - but I could not see any binding in the paper UI panel. Any tips or hints for me?

Thanks in advance!

Is the camera that you are trying to motion detect the G4 Doorbell?
I have not added support for doorbell yet, but might still work. If it’s the G4 Doorbell, please try the other camera and see if that one works.

Looks good to me, OpenHab is registering it as an event.
Try changing the rule to something like this and when reloading the rule pay attention for error messages:

rule "Front of House Motion"
  Item unifiprotect_camera_3e2f3681_E063DAAF6BD1_is_motion_detected changed to ON
        logInfo("UniFiProtect","Motion detected ON by UniFiProtect Hello World!")

Then look in the openhab.log for the logInfo line.

I will add some screenshots from PaperUI, but otherwise my first post should be pretty much step by step.

You need beta firmware at least 2.0.18 for it to work.
See: https://community.ui.com/releases/UniFi-Cloud-Key-Firmware-2-0-22/2ba23601-5300-45fa-bd8d-a00ff13bd7b6
You need to be logged with your ubiquiti account in order to be able to see the post and download the beta firmware.

That should be enough you will then be able to add a new Thing using the binding, I’ll attach some screen shots to the original post. You still need a newer firmware to be able to use the binding though. Please take a look in the openhab.log if you see any errors.

Regards, S

OH2 PaperUI Setup:

Add new thing as per below:

Select correct binding

Select to add a nvr manually (bridge)

Cameras should be able to be discovered without manually adding them:

First - Thanks a lot seaside!
It seams, that the binding isn’t installed correctly - I do not the the expected binding while adding a thing.

Is there anything more to do than downloading the jar-file and put it in the addon-folder (/usr/share/openhab2/addons) / modifying rights or any other file or configuration?

You can do

chmod a+rx /usr/share/openhab2/addons/org.openhab.binding.unifiprotect-2.5.x-ALPHA6.jar

Also do

ls -l /usr/share/openhab2/addons/ 

to verify permissions.

You can also verify using karaf console to see if the binding is installed:

openhab> bundle:list |grep -i "unifi"                                                                                                  
203 │ Active │  80 │      │ openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: Unifi Protect Binding

Rights of the jar file is all fine. What I get in the karaf console is the already installed UniFi Binding but the Protect Binding is still missing…
265 x Active x 80 x 2.5.10 x openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: UniFi Binding

Or do I have do deinstall the UniFi Binding???

No you don’t have to uninstall the unifi binding, they run fine side by side.

Verify the file size on the jar file, and also restart openhab and look for any error messages in the log.
The size for me on an rpi4 with 32 bit openhabian is 124675 bytes.

I’m running the binding on openhab 2.5.10 and I have tested it on 2.5.7, 8, 9 and 10.

ok, the size of my file is 90.820 bytes !? I downloaded the file from https://github.com/seaside1/unifiprotect/blob/main/bin/org.openhab.binding.unifiprotect-2.5.x-ALPHA6.jar
I’m running openhab 2.5.10 as well.