State O-Matic Binding - Monitor your Washingmachine / Dishwasher / Electric Car Etc

State O-Matic Binding

The State O-Matic Binding will enable you to monitor electrical devices such as
washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, electrical car charging and so on.
The component is generic and any type of equipment can be monitored as long as
it is possible to read its power consumption.

Examples of usage:

  • Monitor your electric car when it is charging. Once the charging is done, you will get notified about the cost, consumption and time it took.
  • Monitor your dishwasher, dryer or washing machine. Once they are finished you will get notified about the cost, consumption and time it took.
  • Send info when the power consumption is above a certain limit for a device.

Please take a look at ThomDietrich’s post in the openHAB forum about monitoring your washing machine.
The aim of this binding is to simplify the rules and do the state transitions and calculations in a java binding.
It should thus be easier to write smaller and simpler rules in DSL or Jython to handle the state Machine.


  • Use OpenHAB Marketplace for installation (Recommended) or
  • Download jar file from here:

    Releases · seaside1/omatic · GitHub

    Copy the jar file to the addon foler usually located under /usr/share/openhab/addons
    Restart openhab
  • Add an OMatic State Machine as thing using the GUI and set its parameters (It is also possible to create a .thing file and do this manually)


The state machine has the following states: Not Started, Active, Idle, Completed.
Where the state machine is considered to be running when the state is Active or Idle.
The following transitions are possible:

Not Started → Active

This will Start the state machine if the powerInput is greater than active threshold

Active → Idle

If the powerInput is below the active threshold, the machine can remain idle for
a configured amount of time

Idle → Active

If the powerInput is greater than the active threshold, the idle timer will be reset once this happens

Idle → Completed

If the configurable idle timer is exceeded the state machine will jump to the completed state

Completed → Active

The state machine is restarted and active again. The input Power has to be greater than the active threshold.

Supported Things

  • stateMachine - This will create a state machine, where you can configure idle time and
    active Threshold


Discovery is currently not supported.

Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options, all configuration is done at the Thing levels.

Thing Configuration

Parameter Description Config Default
Name The Name of the state machine i.e washingMachine, Dryer etc Required -
Power Input Item The name of the Input Item for getting power values Required -
Energy Input Item The name of the Input Item for energy values Optional -
Idle Time Time max time in seconds for the appliance to be idle Required 60
Static Power Static power in Watts, for devices that can’t supply power values Optional -
Timer Delay Delay before checking the state if no power value has been provided. Required 10
Active Threshold Threshold for when the appliance is to be transitioned to state active Required 100
Cost Cost for 1 kWh in your favorite currency Required 1.0
Date Format Date and time format used for started / completed Required YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss


Channel ID Item Type Description Permissions
Energy(Mea) Number Current measured machine consumption in kWh Read
Energy(Est) Number Current estimated machine consumption in kWh Read
Cost(Mea) Number Current measured cost in relation to kWh Read
Cost(Est) Number Current estimated cost in relation to kWh Read
Power Number Current or last Power value used by the state machine Read
Max Power Number The highest used power value Read
Total Energy(Mea) Number Total measured energy (kWh) Read
Total Energy(Est) Number Total estimated energy (kWh) Read
Total Cost(Mea) Number Total measured cost (kWh * cost) Read
Total Cost(Est) Number Total estimated cost (kWh * cost) Read
Running Time Number Current machine running time in seconds Read
Running Time Str String Current machine running time formatted string Read
Tot.Running Time Number Total machine running time in seconds Read
Tot.Running TimeStr String Total machine running time formatted string Read
State String Current state of the State machine Read
Started String Timestamp for when the machine was started Read
Completed String Timestamp for when the machine was completed Read
Running Switch On if the state machine is running Read
Disable Switch Will disable and stop the state machine Write
Reset Meters Switch Will reset all statistics Write

Full Example

It’s recommended to use OpenHAB GUI to add and configure the state machines, but this below is an example without the specification of the thing.


Group    gOMatic
Group    OMTestMachine               "TestMachine"                       (gOMatic)
Number   OMTestMachinePower         "Power [%.2f W]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:power" } 
Number   OMTestMachineEnergy1         "Energy [%.2f kWh]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:energy1" }
Number   OMTestMachineEnergy2         "Energy Estimated [%.2f kWh]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:energy2" }
Number   OMTestMachineCost1         "Cost Measured [%.2f EUR]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:cost1" }
Number   OMTestMachineCost2         "Cost Estimated [%.2f EUR]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:cost2" }
Number   OMTestMachineMaxPower        "Max Power [%.2f W]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:max-power" }
Number   OMTestMachineTotalEnergy1     "Total Measured Energy [%.2f kWh]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:total-energy1" }
Number   OMTestMachineTotalEnergy2     "Total Estimated Energy [%.2f kWh]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:total-energy2" }
Number   OMTestMachineTotalCost1     "Total Measured Cost [%.2f EUR]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:total-cost1" }
Number   OMTestMachineTotalCost2     "Total Estimated Cost [%.2f EUR]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:total-cost2" }
String   OMTestMachineState     "State is [MAP(]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:state" }
Number   OMTestMachineTime     "Running Time [%ds]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:time" }
String   OMTestMachineTimeStr     "Running Time [%s]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:time-str" }
String   OMTestMachineStarted "Started [%s]" (OMTestMachine)  { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:started" }
String   OMTestMachineCompleted "Completed [%s]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:completed" }
Number   OMTestMachineTotalTime     "Total Running Time [%ds]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:total-time" }
String   OMTestMachineTotalTimeStr     "Total Running Time [%s]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:total-time-str" }
Switch   OMTestMachineRunning       "Running [%s]"    (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:running" }
Switch   OMTestMachineReset        "Reset [%s]"    (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:reset" }
Switch   OMTestMachineDisable        "Disable [%s]"    (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:e74a54e7:disable" }


rule "TestMachineCompleted"
    Item OMTestMachineRunning changed from ON to OFF
    val String result = "Tests Machine" + "\n" 
                    + "\nStarted at: " + OMTestMachineStarted.state.toString 
                    + "\nFinished at: "+ OMTestMachineCompleted.state.toString 
                    + "\nRunningTime: " + OMTestMachineTimeStr.state.toString 
                    + "\nConsumption: " + Math::round((OMTestMachineEnergy1.state as DecimalType).doubleValue) + " kWh" 
                    + "\nConsumption2: " + Math::round((OMTestMachineEnergy2.state as DecimalType).doubleValue) + " kWh" 
                    + "\nTotal: " + Math::round((OMTestMachineTotalEnergy1.state as DecimalType).doubleValue)  + " kWh" 
                    + "\nTotal2: " + Math::round((OMTestMachineTotalEnergy2.state as DecimalType).doubleValue) + " kWh" 
                    + "\nTotal Time: " + OMTestMachineTotalTimeStr.state.toString + "\n"
    logInfo("OMATIC", result)
    //NotifyTestMachine.sendCommand(result) // Doing mqtt notification 
    //NotifySlack.sendCommand(result) //Example sending notification to slack




sitemap omatic label="State O-Matic Binding" {
    Frame {
         Group item=gOMatic

Getting Started

In order to successfully monitor your electrical appliance, you should measure the power consumption while it is running.
Take a look at tools like Grafana to see spike in power and where it is generally at.
Select a good active-threshold value in watts and also select a reasonable idle time in seconds. If it’s not working
and the state machine is completed when it should, adjust the values.

Below is an example what it looks like running a washing Machine:

Configuration for this state machine is Active Threshold: 45 and idle time: 120

Power values

The binding is dependent on receiving power values, that is done by specifying an item name in the
configuration for the Power values. The Item must be either a Numeric item or a Switch item (for static power consumption monitoring).

Measured Energy vs Estimated Energy

The binding can estimate the energy used by the state machine. This is an estimation that can be improved. Basically it will
take all received power values, calculate and average and use that in combination with the duration to estimate energy consumption.
The other option is to use Measured Energy, which works in the same way as power. You send the energy input to the channel “Energy Input”
the binding will take the last recieved value as a starting energy when the state machine is started, it will then check when the state machine
is finished what the consumption is and takes the difference between the two.


  • More statistics, Average Cost, average consumption, average power usage etc
  • Better energy estimate calculations



  • Fixed energy quantity type


  • Fixed parsing of quantity types by using openhab core classes


  • Fixed one more potential deadlock
  • Fixed quantity types


  • Fixed type of total-running-time, change to Number


  • Fixed Quantity Type parsing


  • Fixed synchronization issues deadlock
  • Fixed Number:Energy and Number:Power



Updated the binding for OH3, still a bit untested in OH3.


Another usage is to measure energy cost for something that does not provide energy or power values.


I was just about to implement this, when I looked in the code to see that it is fully supported as of the current state of the binding.

Add a new state machine with the following config:

create these simple rules:

I tested this with my ZwaveReading Light. When the item “ZwaveReadingLightSwitch” is turned ON it will send 60W as on.
The machine will then calculate energy consumption as long as it is on until another value is sent. When turned off I send 0. If you want dimmed values, you can send 20, 30 , 40 etc.

rule "BridgeOmaticPowerTest"
    Item ZwaveReadingLightSwitch changed to ON
    logInfo("Omatic", "TestMachine send command")

rule "BridgeOmaticPowerTestOff"
    Item ZwaveReadingLightSwitch changed to OFF


Group    OMatic
Group    OMTestMachine               "TestMachine"                       (OMatic)
Number   OMTestMachinePowerIn         "Power In [%.2f W]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:power-input" } 
Number   OMTestMachinePower         "Power [%.2f W]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:power" } 
Number   OMTestMachineEnergy2         "Energy Estimated [%.2f kWh]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:energy2" }
Number   OMTestMachineCost2         "Cost Estimated [%.2f EUR]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:cost2" }
Number   OMTestMachineMaxPower        "Max Power [%.2f W]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYUD:max-power" }
Number   OMTestMachineTotalEnergy2     "Total Estimated Energy [%.2f kWh]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:total-energy2" }
Number   OMTestMachineTotalCost2     "Total Estimated Cost [%.2f EUR]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:total-cost2" }
String   OMTestMachineState     "State [%s]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:state" }
Number   OMTestMachineTime     "Running Time [%ds]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:time" }
String   OMTestMachineTimeStr     "Running Time [%s]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:time-str" }
String   OMTestMachineStarted "Started [%s]" (OMTestMachine)  { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:started" }
String   OMTestMachineCompleted "Completed [%s]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:completed" }
Number   OMTestMachineTotalTime     "Total Running Time [%ds]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:total-time" }
String   OMTestMachineTotalTimeStr     "Total Running Time [%s]" (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:total-time-str" }
Switch   OMTestMachineRunning       "Running [%s]"    (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:running" }
Switch   OMTestMachineReset        "Reset [%s]"    (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:reset" }
Switch   OMTestMachineDisable        "Disable [%s]"    (OMTestMachine) { channel="omatic:machine:MYID:disable" }
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I have created a pull request for this binding now.

Regards, S

I would like to create the things, but I can’t find your binding in PaperUI.
Your binding is in the addons folder and I am using openhab 2.5.10.

Could you please help me.

Kind regards



Yes start by running “ls -l” in the folder to verify the file size.
It should be: 28174

-rw-r–r-- 1 josha users 28174 Sep 2 21:27 org.openhab.binding.omatic-OH2-alpha1.jar

When downloading from github, it appears it’s not always downloaded properly
Use download button:

Next thing is to verify that the file has proper permissions.
You can do “chmod a+rx org.openhab.binding.omatic-OH2-alpha1.jar” I’m assuming you run Linux.

I had similar.issues with the unifiprotect binding, see this thread for details:


@desiw Did you manage to solve it?

Regards, S

thank you very much for your great support. It is working now.
Can you use this also for things which are using power all the time (for example a NAS server)?


Glad to hear. Yes that work too (measure on something that is constantly ON).
It’s similar to the above case with a dimmer.

So something like this:

rule "BridgeOmaticPowerTest"
    Item MyNasSwitch changed to ON
    logInfo("Omatic", "MyNasSwitch send command")
    OMTestMachinePowerIn.sendCommand(60)  //If your consumption is 60W for the NAS

rule "BridgeOmaticPowerTestOff"
    Item MyNasSwitch changed to OFF

You don’t have to provide values manually if you have some stable power measurement.

Regards, S

thank you very much for your quick answer. I will test it and give you a feedback.
You did a great job with the biding.


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I’ve updated the binding to not need manual rules for bridging. This is now done in the binding, it is also possible to add a static power value in order to monitor devices that can’t report power values.

can we add this binding to OH3? I am beginner in OH, but this addon looks very usefull.

I submitted a pull request for oh3 but it was rejected, since it does not support oh3 gui rules (action api framework). I might try and add support for that later, but it’s nothing that will be done in the near future.

You will have to install the binding manually.

Regards S

The installation instructions have been removed when I did the pull request. I’ll readd them shortly thanks.

I’ve readded the installation instructions.

Thank you for quick solution, succesfully installed, now lets try it :slight_smile:

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Hello all,

It would be nice if the parameter Cost could be passed as well as Item. So you could store this centrally and all Things that use the Binding as a basis can use it.

Greetings Holger

Nice suggestion, I’ll look into it.

Best regards s

This thread was something that I bookmarked some time back as I just knew it would be useful when I eventually dabble with power monitoring.

Well, now I’m dabbling!

Question: are we still in the near future? Any plans to make this an official OH3 binding soon?

Now with the new marketplace it does not seem like it needs to be merged. However I did try and get it merged. The (some of) developers thought it would serve better as an automation with GUI support. I felt that I basically want things / channels, I could not get this to work with automations, those would not exist.

So no new attempt from my side to get the merge approved.