Unifi Ubiquiti - Different subnet device alive. DHCP or ARP?

I know this topic has been covered but I am looking for people who might have the same hardware and found a workaround.

My Unifi setup:

  • USG-3P (router/firewall)
  • US-8-60W (switch PoE)
  • AP-AC-LR

I don’t want to put my openhab box in all my subnets so i will have to get the info from one of these devices.

Has anyone worked with this kit and openhab ? I’m open for suggestions.

what info do you want to get? Presence detection?
There is a Unifi Binding available here: Ubiquiti Unifi Binding Feature Discussion

Yes phone presence.

In theory, you are running the Unifi Controller software somewhere… then the Unifi Binding is perfect for you :slight_smile:

Except that our android devices change their mac address every reboot… So leases won’t work… maybe client name… I will need to check…

And I can’t find a stable release in the thread :frowning:

If your devices change their MAC at every boot there will not be and never be a way to detect specific phones on the network using DHCP or ARP. As far as the network is concerned they are different devices.

You will either need to keep the phones from changing their MAC or come up with some other approach to detecting when they are on the network (e.g. Tasker to update an Item when your WiFi SSID is near).

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I kinda figured it will be hard. But I’m down to 802.1x logins. Which will work for me