unitHint error in xml schema?

I am trying to add a unitHint to an item-type definition in my thing.xml.

<channel-type id="saltOutput">
	<item-type unitHint="%">Number:Dimensionless</item-type>
	<label>Salt Output (%)</label>
	<description>Current salt output setting for the chlorinator (%).</description>
	<state readOnly="true"/>

However, I get the following error in Eclipse (and similar error when I run mvn externally):

cvc-type.3.1.1: Element 'item-type' is a simple type, so it cannot have attributes, excepting those whose namespace name is identical to 'http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance' and whose [local name] is one of 'type', 'nil', 'schemaLocation' or 'noNamespaceSchemaLocation'. However, the attribute, 'unitHint' was found.

I have pulled the latest changes from openhab-addons. Any suggestions?

Error is normal, you can’t do that. The unit can be defined at item level, not at channel (type) level.

Sorry, it was recently added and I have no experience with this new feature.

Your syntax looks correct. I am pretty sure Eclipse is validating against an old version fo the schema in your installation. I don’t have the problem and I am using Eclipse as well. You may have to do an mvn clean install on the whole addons folder or use the -U flag to force downloading all dependencies again to get the latest version. If you just do it on the folder of the new addon, it may not pick it up.

If others have this issue, I was able to resolve by deleting the cached entry in this directory ~/.lemminx/cache/https/openhab.org/schemas