Units under TP-Link binding


How can I assign units behind the values from all my TP-Link Things, e.g. HS110.
Current under OH 2.5 only the values are visible in PaperUI or Cassic UI.
It happend with Beta binding as well as with the offical 2.5 binding.


Could you describe more what you are trying to do?

Units in tp-link binding changed to UoM types. If you had created those things with PaperUI you need to recreate them. For items these need to have a new type. See the documentation:

I have added my Things via normal paper UI.
Then assigned all the 7 values to the Things for my Plugs.
All of them are working fine and show me the right values.
The values are shown on the right side from all screens, but without the units.
So I have added the units as names from the items, with is not the best solution.
So I want to know where so enable that the units and the values are show automaticly together with the units on the right side from each item.
(Some pictures are added)


How to recreate them?
I have already deleted the Things in Habmin, and added them once more in PaperUi
after they have bin found in the Inbox from PaperUI automaticly after some sec.
They are still without units after fresh assigned the items to the things.


How did you create the items?

Hello Hilbrand,

  1. I have deleted the Thing in Habmin.
  2. I deleted the assiged items in PaperUI.
  3. I was waiting for that the Thing will be found.
  4. I added them in PaperUI
  5. I assigned in the Habmin the 7 Values with the (+) icon in blue
  6. Filled more the missing value (number in this case under Item-type)

Ready. :slight_smile:

I’m not that familiar with Habmin, but it looks like it doesn’t support creating items with dimension. You can create those items in PaperUI (If you have Simple Mode disabled under System -> Configuration -> Item Linking` otherwise you can simply click the channel in PaperUI, but it will then create an item for you) or in text files.

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