Unkillable "item is not valid" error

openHABian 3.3.0

In openhab.log I keep getting the error:

[ore.common.registry.AbstractRegistry] - Cannot add "RollershutterItem" with key "2ndBedroomRightBlinds_Shutter": The specified name of the item '2ndBedroomRightBlinds_Shutter' is not valid!

In an earlier version of openHab I was allowed to create two (as it turns out) invalid item names and associate them with channels in my roller shutter things. On upgrading to a more recent version, openHab made it clear that these items were not allowed (more error-checking was added, I suppose), so I deleted them and replaced them with SecondBedroomRightBlinds_Shutter. The original items was created in PaperUI, but the new ones are in an items file.

But I still got the errors in the log. So I looked on the forum and saw that there were a couple of commands:

openhab:links orphan list
openhab:links orphan purge

Sure enough, the offending items appeared there. I purged them. The error didn’t go away.

Then I tried clearing the cache. Same result.

So now I see that the items are still in:


Should I just edit it and delete them?

The more secure way is to use the API Explorer in Main UI and delete the items from there.

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The thing is, the item no longer appears as an item. If I use the API Explorer to get all the items, it’s not there. Nor does it appear in MainUI.

It’s just the log entry and the json file.

Deleting it should work anyway, even if it is not listed. At least ist did the last time I tried. Select the DELETE endpoint and enter the item name.

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That seems to have done the trick. The none-too-promising response was:

200 OK **
404 Item not found or item is not editable.

But, checking the json file, I see that the items are no longer there. So I imagine the log error will disappear, too.

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The log error did disappear. Solved.