Unknown command class 0x53


I have a secure scs317 programmable thermostat. In this thermostat I have an item like:

Number tp_planta_alta_switch “Solicitud de caldera PA: [MAP(heat.map):%d]” (G_termostatos_switches) { zwave=“6:command=THERMOSTAT_OPERATING_STATE,refresh_interval=300” }

to get if the thermostat is asking for heating or not.

Now I have a second thermostat (the same model) with zwave id 19, so I have added the item:

Number tp_planta_baja_switch “Solicitud de caldera PB: [MAP(heat.map):%d]” (G_termostatos_switches) { zwave=“19:command=THERMOSTAT_OPERATING_STATE,refresh_interval=300” }

With this device, when the thermostat ask for heating, I get the error:

2016-04-25 16:57:57.726 [ERROR] [ApplicationCommandMessageClass] - NODE 19: Unknown command class 0x53

But I’m not having this error with other thermostat.

Any help?

Just ignore the warning - there’s not much we can do about it short of removing the warning of course.