Unknown device: FireAngel HT-630 with FireAngel ZW-MODULE (Z-Wave)

Hi there,

I am migrating to OpenHAB and I was able to include all my devices from my previous setup to OH; except one: I am using an FireAngel HT-630-EU Heatdetector. This thing can be enhanced with two different radio modules: one to use with FireAngels own standard (W2) and one for Z-Wave.

The device can be included in OH without any problems, however it does not have any channels. Is it possible to add this device to the database? Can I assist somehow in adding the device to OH? Is it possible to add the channels manually?


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The DB is here. The blog tells you the process to register and open a ticket for write access.

However, I did note a possible entry here. Are you getting product numbers like 026F 1001:1001?? Do you have an XML file in the Userdata/zwave folder? Also as a battery device you might try to wake it again. It might just need more time. Are you on the OH3.3 release?


Thanks for your reply.

The device is shown as 026F:0001:0002:1.7
In the userdata-Folder is a an xml-File for that node
network_f9e16fc5__node_40.xml (9.0 KB)

Thanks for letting me know about 3.3 - I was still on 3.2. Installed now, but I guess this won’t help here.

For the Database I will have to check tomorrow if and how I can contribute to that.

So definitely a DB Update is required. The device in the db is 026F:0001:0001. When you have access, check out the existing device first. If it looks the same you can just add 0001:0002. If there are other differences then you will need to use the xml that was created to create a new device.

Thanks. Unfortunately I am not able to add a ticket or write an email in the database tool. When using the form for ticket or email I only get a 403 error (in browsers developer console). Is there a direct way to send an email?

By the way: You are right, the device itself is already in the database (OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database) and I use a different variant of it.
In fact what is actually as device in the database is not the smoke or heat detector itself but the additional communication module (FireAngel ZW-Module) which is needed for ZWave communication.
If you put this module in a Smoke detector it will be 026F:0001:0001 and if you put it in a Heat detector it will be 026F:0001:0002.

I see what you are saying. Because the Alarm type is different (Smoke (1) versus Heat (4)), I think adding a new device is needed for the Heat detector (i.e. using the Xml from above).

As to write access @chris is the administrator for the DB. What USERID did you register with? With that he can provide write access.


Are you logged in? I’m not sure why there is a problem here - I normally get 2 or 3 tickets opened most days (including today) so the ticket system is clearly working ok for others.

I can change your access if you tell me your login, but maybe there’s an underlying problem if you can’t access the ticket system.

Hi Chris,

I tried again and I still get the 403 error:

  1. Request URL: https://opensmarthouse.org/dmxConnect/api/tickets/insert.php
  2. Request Method: POST
  3. Status Code: 403
  4. Remote Address:
  5. Referrer Policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin

My username in the DB is “emptyair”.

I’ve updated your access, but I can guess that you will continue to have problems since so long as you’re logged in (and it seems you probably are) then you should be able to access this. It looks like some sort of cross site issue so maybe something to do with the browser or system you’re using to access the site (but I’m not really too sure).

It doesn’t seem to be a general issue though - people are opening tickets regularly, and editing the database with no other reports of any issues (yet :slight_smile: ).

Hi Chris,

sorry for the delay, I was now able to add the device to the database (see OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database). However there is no category “Heat detector”. Is this intended? To add it, I used now “Smoke detector”.

EDIT: By the way, the companys name is “FireAngel”, in the database it is “Fireangle”


I confirmed in the docs that there is no such category, so this looks fine -:

FYI- I noticed the Smoke detector was modified also but a review was not requested, so it is not in the lastest snapshot. If that was you might want to request review, so it is in next week. Bob

No, that wasn’t me, not by intention.

But anyway I noticed the manufacturer was renamed to “Sprue Safety Products Ltd” and even if that would be the correct name, the devices are sold by “FireAngel Safety Technology Ltd” and are named “FireAngel”. So now it is not that easy to find the devices in the database.

Yes, that was done by me to bring it in line with the documentation.

It looks like that was done 4 years ago (Aug 2018 apparently)…

It was just shown as deleted in DB update 1788? (I tend to scan the DB updates for deletes, since these tend to become forum issues in the future :wink:) More common that not someone made a change, but did not mark the Request review. There could be a good reason, so I thought I would check around.


I guess there’s something wrong in the database logging of changed then as it shows the last change was Aug 2018. Maybe someone pressed something that marked it modified, but didnt change the modified date.

I’ll update this now.

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