Unknown device IQT RT321


I am trying to set Openhab to read temps… from a Thermostat, a IQT RT321. It is being listed as being a rebadged Secure SRT321.

At the moment Openhab is listing the thermostat as not found in the database but showing as a Thermostat, with a generic list of properties??.

I have Openhab installed on a raspberry pi 3+. The Z Wave Plus Aeotec Z wave controller is listed as a thing and it had returned there is a single node, the thermostat.

The xml for the node node1.xml (1.2 KB)

So I was wondering if anyone could give some pointers as what I should be doing next…
Thank you.

You can add devices to the database if they are missing. See here.

This is for the controller - not the device. If there is no file generated for the device, then maybe it needs to be woken up to complete the initialisation.

Thank you. I shall go away and have a play.

You are a star… It has picked up the thermostat and correctly identified it.

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