Unknown device with Linear NGD00Z-4

No switch is needed. Sending 0 to barrier_position channel will close the door. Sending 255 will open the door.

I have finally upgraded up to Version and am now trying to re-add the NGD00Z. It finds it as Node 7. But, it doesn’t seem to add securely and comes up as an unknown device. I don’t even see the barrier_position channel.

I have attached my logs for Chris to look at please. I hope I am missing something simple.

node7.xml (119.1 KB)

Are you running the standard snapshot version, or the development binding downloaded directly from my site? I think the standard snapshot, which doesn’t support security.

If you want to use security, then you need to use the version described in the following link -:

I believe the standard from the openhab unstable apt repo. I will dl this jar. What directory does it go in, and do I need to exclude / include the device again?

Take a look at the installation instructions and some discussion - it starts 5 or 6 messages into the thread.

You won’t need to exclude/include, but you will need to delete the things and add them back in. The exception is if you want to use security on a device - these will need to be excluded and re-included…

Thanks @chris. I have updated to the binding that has security from your link. I deleted all the items and added them back as they were no longer working as you mention. I also excluded / reincluded the NGD00Z device. But it still says its : zwave_secure = false. What do I need to do to get it to securely add the device?

I figured it out. For all the other clueless people out there using a USB stick from AEON Labs: DO NOT unplug the stick from your pi to include the device!! Use the exclude / include functionality built-in to OH2 that I totally missed before. Then it will include securely. I have a working garage door controller now.

Nice one - I’m glad it’s working. :slight_smile: