Unknown Device - Z-Wave but already have one known?

I’m moving to 2 with a clean install of OpenHAbian on my Pine 64. I’m using a new Aeon Z-stick Gen5. I have about 40 or so z-wave devices and I am adding them slowly. Some are fairly old Intermatic which worked well on the previous OpenHab setup but for some reason I’m having trouble.

I have Some HA-01Cs which were recognized and seem to be working but one of the same device which was recently added is showing as “Unknown Device.”

I also have a number of HA-20s which I know I used at least one on a previous trial but are now all showing as “Unknown Device.”

Both of these devices are in the database so it must be something I’m doing wrong.

Are these battery devices? If so you will need to go through the process of waking them up several times again for the binding to fully recognize the device.

No, they are hardwired. I don’t know what happened but eventually they were recognized. There were two devices offline that were showing not on the network. I simply brought the Z-stick to them and re-added them. They “woke” up and were under the same z-wave ID as originally. The HA-01 (outlet) and HA-20s (dimmer switch) just showed up after I checked again this morning. IT might have something to do with the way that I’m including devices. I’m stopping the service, unplugging the z-stick, putting the stick in include mode, adding devices, putting stick out of include mode, plugging stick back into Pine64, restarting service. maybe I’m not giving something enough time to get the information from the device.

Tonight I just tried adding 6 battery operated devices. I reset them a bunch of times and nothing yet. I’m just going to give it the night and then see if they show up as something as other than “Unknown Device”.

20 devices down, another 20 or so to go. Not so bad so far.