Unknown icon showing in UI

Not sure why I have an unknown icon shown in the UI.

Here’s what I have in items:
Switch Toggle_1 “IoT Lab Light Bulb” (Switching) {hue=“3”}
Color Color_1 “IoT Lab Light Bulb” (Colorize) {hue=“3”; colorTemperature; 30"}
Switch Toggle_2 “IoT Lab Light Bulb” (Switching) {hue=“1;brightness;30”}
Color Color_2 “IoT Lab Light Bulb” (Colorize) {hue=“1;colorTemperature;30”}

and here’s my sitemap:
sitemap demo label=“Main Menu”
Frame label=“Lights” {
Switch item=Toggle_1 label="IoT Lab Door Light"
Colorpicker item=Color_1 visibility=[Toggle_1==ON] label="IoT Lab Door Light"
Switch item=Toggle_2 label="IoT Lab Window Light"
Colorpicker item=Color_2 visibility=[Toggle_2==ON] label=“IoT Lab Window Light”


When I click on the unknown image it says the source is src="/images/colorpicker.png"