Unknown z-wave device motion sensor ZUB_CYR10077

I’ve got a z-wave motion sensor a while ago where the box says “Cyrus Smarthome Solutions” and the device carries a model identifier “ZUB_CYR10077”. After inclusion in openhab it shows up as unknown device.

Now I found Blog Posts and would try to go forward with adding the device to the database but there are some lose ends to me.

Starting with I don’t know where to fetch the XML. /var/lib/openhab/zwave does not contain an XML with the node id as added in openhab.

  • zwave_manufacturer: 265
  • zwave_deviceid: 8449

Possibly if a battery device it needs to be rewakened to complete inclusion and create the xml

I’ve read that and did a manual wakeup to see if it changes anything. It didn’t first. So I just waited over night and now it was successfully identified as OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database

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Glad it was found. I did check the deviceid in the DB, but forgot to check the Hex version :frowning_face: so did not see that it was a clone.

One caution on the “wait” strategy for the future, the battery device initialization needs to get to a certain level (setting the wakeup interval) before waiting will work.