Unknown ZWave device, Aeon Labs MultiSensor 6

I have a Aeon Labs MultiSensor 6 which from what I can see is in the database.
Still it turns up in habmin like this "Z-Wave Node 24 (0086:0002:0064:1.6)"
Am i missing something?

Please provide a full startup debug log. This is something I’ve been trying to track down for a while, so if you can provide a log it would be appreciated. It would be good to get the log from the startup of the system for a minute or two - you can email it to me at chris -at- cd-jackson.com.


Device-ID, Manufactor and Device-Type are correct - if the 1.6 is the version:

  1. there is a newer version (1.7) at AEON sensor 6 i use and all is perfekt - or
  2. the identification for a version < 1.7 is not correct because the device is in the database with differend versions

I believe that this is a bug in the way properties are handled in ESH.

I’ve also got this issue, same device.

Just moved onto OpenHab2 and most of my devices are showing as unknown at the moment.

Question, I see there is an export option in the zwave database online for openhab2, can you just copy the XML output into a new filename under userdata/zwave directory to resolve the unknown devices? (notice there are a few node files in there but not all)

If it’s the same issue, then you need to wait for the bug to be fixed in ESH…

No - the database, and the files in the userdata/zwave folder are simply not the same thing. The database files are compiled into the binding.

OK thanks Chris.

So ask a stupid question, how does one go about resolving the unknown devices then?

Interesting in habmin the unknown devices are showing Manufacturer ffff and Type / ID ffff:ffff however correctly come up as the right clases ?!?

Its labelled one device correctly, e.g. “DSC08 Smart Energy Illuminator” however all the other devices (2+) as showing as unknown.

As above, at the moment there is a bug in the system. If your device isn’t detected, and it is definitely in the database, then it is likely due to this bug.

You should be sure that you REALLY have the same device though as you stated earlier. Going on the name alone is no good since a device can have many IDs for the same product. You must be sure this really is the same device as was stated above (0086:0002:0064:1.6).

If the device isn’t in the database, then it needs to be added, and then you will need to update the binding to the latest version.

The fact that it shows the device classes and not the manufacturer information is normal since this is received in different packets. The device classes are provided by the controller without any communication between the device and openHAB.

Actually me bad.

I actually tried setting up zwave binding via paper UI which it seems to work.

I’ve scratched that and started again using habmin2 and surprise, surprise every device is now listed correctly.

Pays to read the guide sometimes (http://docs.openhab.org/tutorials/advanced/connecting.html)

Hi all I’m running OpenHab2 on a RPI3 using the Apt installation
I have a few AeonLabs devices that are not in the database, they are from a company called Oomi but they are a rebrand of AeanLabs
the first is a AeonLabs MultiSensor 6
XML is here http://pastebin.com/G208f65Y

I’ve added the Oomi manufacturer to the database.

We will need to get the manual and add this device to the database. While the hardware might be the same as the eon device, the software might not be, so we’ll need to get the parameters entered. If they are exactly the same as one of the Aeon devices, then we can copy them from another device, but you’ll need to tell me which one.

The XML file is incomplete and can’t be parsed. It would be good if you can create the device in the database if you have an account?

I think they might be the same, I know I used them on smart things hub ok, all the sensors would populate data on first inclusion, but would never refresh. Only motion would refresh.
Is there any testing I could do to work this out, I have a feeling oomi will not give me the details needed they are very closed minded

The same as what?

My point is that there are currently 3 software versions of this device in use, and they are all different. Which one is it the same as? We really need to find the manual which should say what the configuration is.

It’s a bit sad if they won’t provide a user manual. We can potentially scan the device to see what configuration parameters it has, but there is no way at all to know what they do without the user manual.

While waiting for Oomi to reply i came across this site http://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/1534 it has manuals and config parameters and associations etc.
Could it help

Yep - that’s what we need.

Without doing a comparison, it looks very similar to the Aeon (as you already said :wink: ). Can you compare this to the 3 versions of the Aeon device and see which one is the same so we can copy over the configuration? If none of them are exactly the same, then just find one that’s closest and we can copy that and change the parameters that are different.

Brill, I will comparison. what info do i need i.e. parameters, associations or all

Parameters and associations - the rest will be auto generated by uploading the XML file to the database.

To some up the lack of effort being made on the oomi devices, oomi has opted for me to send the devices back and are replacing them with AeonLabs devices

Wow - I guess they don’t know too much about their product :frowning:

Apologies to revive an old thread- but I also have some Oomi kit that isn’t recognized in openHab2.

The items I have are Australian version ‘Oomi Plugs’. These are effectively a rebranded Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6. (The US Oomi version (FT096-A02) is here: http://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/1549, they don’t list the Australian version (FT096-B09) that I have but they do list the Aeon Labs version (FW096-B09) http://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/1331)

I’ve compared all the parameters, associations and command classes from the Oomi and Aeon Labs versions and they appear identical.

In fact, it appears only the manufacturer ID is different - the product type (0x0203) and product ID (0x0060) appear identical.

I signed up for an account for your DB Chris to upload the xml from openHab2 for the Oomi device but I don’t seem to be able to work out how to get an ‘add’ button to actually copy over the config from the Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6 to the Oomi Plug.

Can you let me know how to get the add button? Or is there a different way to do it (I could for example email you the XML, device to copy, Oomi Plug user guide etc but that seems to be circumventing the usual process)?