Unlock an iPad via OH switch


Ich brauch mal eure Hilfe. Ich schiebe aufgrund fehlenden Linux-Kenntnissen und Mangel an Zeit schon länger ein kleines Projekt vor mir her.

I need your help. I have been putting off a small project for a long time due to a lack of Linux knowledge and lack of time.

Ziel ist es den Bildschirm eines iPad oder iPhone via OH zu aktivieren/entsperren. Schnittstellen bietet Apple dafür eigentlich keine, jedoch funktioniert dies mit einer Bluetooth Tastatur. Daher ist der Plan mit einem R-Pi eine Bluetooth Tastatur zu emulieren bzw. so einen Tastendruck auf einen OH Switch zu legen um dies wie auch immer zu triggern.

The aim is to activate / unlock the screen of an iPad or iPhone via OH. Apple doesn’t actually offer any interfaces for this, but this works with a Bluetooth keyboard. Therefore, the plan is to emulate a Bluetooth keyboard with an R-Pi or rather to press a key on an OH switch to trigger this in any way.

Hier steckt mein Problem dieses Setup umzusetzen und benötige ein kleines HowTo. Ein Binding für multiple devices wäre natürlich noch schöner aber ich will bescheiden bleiben. :wink:

This is where my problem is to implement this setup and I need a little HowTo. A binding for multiple devices would be awsome, but I want to stay humble. :wink:

Ich denke nicht das ich der einzige bin der dies nutzen würde.

I don’t think I’m the only one who would use this.


If Apple did their job properly I would not expect this to be an option. Apple is all about security and privacy. Allowing such a large security vulnerability would be about the last thing Apple would want to do.

Now if the device was managed by an MDM service that is private and not Apple’s service there may be more options. Look into the ability to open/unlock passcode via a feature of the MDM (Mobile Device Manager) software. This software is intended to be used at large organizations to be able to force employe devices to update, load specific software, pre load specific data, unlock devices with forgotten passwords etc… You would however lose the ability to use Apple’s Find my Phone feature and anti-theft mechanism that Apple provides directly and would be forced to use the MDM software to try and accomplish the same thing. There may be more consequences for using MDM i would suggest investigating more.

So if you can find an MDM that will allow the action your looking for and hopefully that MDM has an API of some sort that you can interact with, then I could see this being possible, but I have a sneaking suspicion your going to run into a dead end on this one.
Good luck tho, and I would be interested in learning if you are successful or not.

I am curious, why do you want to activate and unlock the display?

I use a iPad Pro as a openhab monitor in my house.
The configuration I use is iPad Pro, openhab, a motion sensor, door sensor and HomeKit.
When I walk in front of the my iPad or open my main door, the iPad screen wakes up and my dashboard is visible.

Hallo Dirk,
that’s exactly what I want! Is there a “hidden” function, which I didn’t found or recognised jet?

This is how you can get it to work:
Use eg a contact, motion sensor etc and expose it to HomeKit. Configure the eg contact in HomeKit to send a push notification to your device when it’s status changes.
And now comes the magic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Set up the guided access in iOS for your openhab app or browser. If now the iPad receives the push notification from your sensor, the screen will light up, but the notification won’t show because of the guided access.

Looks like this:


Wow, Nice I did not know about the guided access option in iOS this does look like it would allow for a single app to be ran without need to enter a passcode even if one is installed.

Exactly, that’s what is it intended for.

works perfect! Thanks for that solution! :+1:
because I use a HUE Motion Sensor it’s completely cloud triggered, so more stabel

and for all with a german iPad setup, you will find the guided access here:


Nice to hear that my solution is working for you.

If you like you can mark my answer as Solution

by the way, has anyone a good idea for an app to create an “popup” for pre IOS10 systems (without Home App) out of the internal network?

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