Unobtrusive PTZ cameras?

Hi there,

I’m looking for a couple of (not too expensive) surveillance cameras that I can use around my house.
However, most of them look like huge prison/police cameras…

Does anyone know suitable cameras that are suitable and less obtrusive?
PTZ or PoE would be nice but I guess that’s difficult to find…

That’s probably a great camera - but I think it’s too expensive for my purpose.
I think that cheaper cameras would do the job as good - e.g. Hikvision and the like.

Foscam has a few models that don’t look too big. I have no recent experience with them though and don’t know how well they integrate with OpenHAB.

I have build my own surveilance cameras using a Raspberry Pi + a Raspi Cam. I used a plastic box for electrical installation as housing with a tiny hole for the camera lens. It is not cheaper than the cheap cameras, and it might even be close to the Ubiquiti (which I would buy today)

Close to the Ubiquity in which sense? The ubiquity is much more expensive, so I’m not sure what you are comparing?

In Denmark a Raspberry Pi + Pi Cam costs around 80-90€. Besides from that I would need to buy/create some housing, I would expect that it ends up in approx 100-110€ where the pricetag on the Ubiquiti UniFi UVC camera in Denmark is around 130€ (inclusive night vision).
When I bought my cameras it was the version 1 which was sold out at a very low price (10-15€), today a PiCam costs around 30-35€.
You night be able to find it cheaper than me. I most often order in UK and thus have to pay shipment.

Ah I see - I try to 3D print my housing.
The Pi Zero (if suitable) costs 15 EUR here, the Camera (V2) around 29 EUR, so for me it’s much cheaper.

However, there are probably better cameras than the Pi Cam - a PTZ cam to connect with the Raspberry PI would be nice.

I believe the Pi Zero is fine.Though it only has 512 MB memory. I use 640x480 as image resolution and approx 20% memory (of 1 GB) is taken by the uv4l process.

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Not a PTZ, but I have several of these:

Some attached to some rooms, but this video is attached to my 3d printer

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where do you have it connect to?

I’m using an AMCREST ip2m-841ew
POE+PTZ+nice looks for inside use.