Unrecognized device - Inovelli NZW30S

I have a new device that is unrecognized. It is an Inovelli on/off switch with scene control, but shows as Z-Wave Node 6 (0312:1E00:1E00:1.3)
I have another Inovelli switch NZW31S that is recognized and functions fine.
I am using openhab 2.4…0 Build #1323
Here is what I see

How can i get it to recognize the device?
I see in the binding that NZW30 and NZW30T are there:

my zwave binding version is 2.4.0.SNAPSHOT

That is an extremely old version - you should use something newer and it should then work.

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Thanks Chris - how do i get/install the newest version?
I can’t find clear instructions online.

I’m not sure how you managed to install such an old snapshot since 2.4 snapshots have not been produced for well over a year. The latest install is 2.5 so you should just be able to install that as per the OH documentation for whatever install you’re using (eg openHABian, Docker etc).

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Are you referring to Openhab or the ZWave binding?

Well, both really. Again, 2.4 was released in 2018, so it’s very old.

I have heard about issues with 2.5 OH upgrade so I haven’t done it yet. I just want the system to work.
I’ll look into upgrading now, but shouldn’t this switch work with the version I have now since the switch is including in the 2.4 Zwave binding?

The main issues are invalid bindings and people not reading the release notes or upgrade warnings.

I recommend uninstalling restdocs if you have it installed and reinstalling after upgrade. The location of that addon changed. Uninstalling it forst will save you some headaches later.

But apparently it is not included in the 2.4 binding - you clearly state that it is unrecognised.

That database entry was last updated 11 months ago, so 2.5 has our latest changes.


ok thanks.
couple questions

  1. can i just upgrade the zwave binding? i don’t see it in paperui
  2. Is there an official document on upgradeing windows 10 from 2.4 to 2.5? I can’t find anything.

You existing binding should appear in the Paper UI. OPEnHAB is not designed to upgrade individual bindings. There is a Linux script ghere that helps some manually install a snapshot binding though.

No official document. Searching here should turn up threads. Windows 10 is not as well tested by the developers.

How do i just upgrade the binding in Windows 10?

The script won’t work on Windows, but the instructions in the README here are generic enough to work on Windows too…

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I followed all the steps and nothing changes. The Xstream link didn’t work so i downloaded the Xstream core from their website and put it in the addons folder.

btw there was nothing in the addons folder when i started - not sure if that effects anything or not. i still see the 2.4 binding in the paperui.

am i supposed to do something else after step viii?

Did you uninstall the old binding first?
Normally the only thing in the addons folder is a README file that is ignored by OH.

Thank you for pointing this out. I’ve updated the URL. Maven Central changed the domain they use for downloads and now requires https. Try it again.

That is OK. It will normally be empty, unless you have manually installed some other bundle.

You must have not followed all of the steps. You should have uninstalled previous versions of the Z-Wave binding.

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i followed all the steps again.
i see 2.5 in karaf, but not in the paperui


Manually installed bindings do not show up in the Paper UI.

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