Unresponsive z-wave unit

One thing I noticed very quickly… Node 30 is reporting VERY frequently. Unless that’s something you absolutely need, it might make sense to dial that back a bit.

Also, node 62 is not behaving well. These timeouts will cause you problems.

Hmmm, that all seems to be wattage reporting… I’m not currently doing anything with power usage, so can turn all that off (assuming I can work out how :slight_smile: ). Can’t remember what Node 30 is - will check later. Thanks.

Node 62 and 63 are the two remote Fibaro double switches in the garage, the ones I have issues with. Could this be a genuine issue with the distance, something with the routing or something with the units themselves? I have a couple of single switch units in waterproof boxes midway down the garden, along with a couple of 12v universal sensors. Also have one of the plug in boosters in the garage. Everything is reporting as online. Any way to measure connectivity strength and see how to boost things?

The fact that it seems to be sending the same update twice potentially means that associations may be reconfigured. Often this is the sort of thing you’ll see if you add the controller into multiple groups.

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Yes, possibly any or all of those could cause the timeouts.

Good catch! Thanks.

Any advice for resolving the garage issues? More repeaters? Any way to measure strong or weak signal paths so I can adjust?

So how do I resolve the associations stuff? How do I reconfigure that node?

Repeaters are an option. An alternative to repeaters (which I prefer) is adding other functional zwave devices to help with routing. Before that, you could try excluding/including the device again to see if it clears up the issue. Sometimes I find that helpful.

In HABmin, check the associations and configuration for node 30. You may find that the controller node is listed multiple times in the associations. And, you may find that the reporting interval is set very low.

Using actual Fibaro single switch units in the middle of the garden (power pond pump / filter). Not sure how good the Fibaro 12v Universal Sensors are at repeating - have a couple of those too. Would love to have some idea of signal strengths between units though. So I know what to move.

I’ll try excluding/including both nodes 62 and 63.

Also check node 30 as you suggest.

Appreciate all that :slight_smile:

So one of the node 62 double switches would not turn off tonight… The node 63 switch which is in the same consumer unit in the garage turned off fine without too much delay, but 62 did nothing. So I turned debug on and hit “off” a few times. Log file attached. Just need to work out how to turn the bloody thing off now :slight_smile:

openhab.log (340.6 KB)

Regarding Node 30 config via Habmin - not sure what is correct TBH. Here’s some screen shots…

Node30 conf.pdf (145.5 KB)

As there is only one association group (lifeline) defined for this device, I’m not sure what would cause the double reporting. And, the config parameters look like they wouldn’t cause such behavior. I’d suggest you try the following:

  • exclude device
  • perform factory reset
  • include device

Node 63 is showing timeouts. There’s not much information in the log to determine what was happening with node 62.


@mhilbush just to confirm, when you say exclude you mean press and hold, flashing yellow on the z-stick to take the module off the network completely, then reset the module and delete from OpenHAB. Finally re-add (press for blue on z-stick) and re-add on OpenHAB, updating the config accordingly. I.e. not just delete and re-add via OpenHAB :slight_smile:

I usually use HABmin to do node inclusion/exclusion, so I’m not sure about the process if using the zstick directly.

That is the currently correct and recommended way when using openHAB. You can also use Paper UI.

But effectively that’s the same process right, just controlled from HABmin or PaperUI - as shown at https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/openhab/habmin/10-habmin-zwave-binding-initialisation? Basically using the UI to put the z-stick into inclusion/exclusion mode rather than the button on the stick?

I can do that for nearby modules, but some of them are a bit further away, so doing it from the stick works better for me. Any risks or issues doing it that way?

Yes, secure inclusion only works through the binding.

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So I presume secure inclusion simply minimizes external threats to the z-wave network or are there other benefits?

Due to the spread of my house most of the modules are probably out of direct range of the z-stick, so it’s easier to walk over, include/exclude, then plug the stick back in.

I guess I could set up WiFi on the pi and move the whole thing closer to the various consumer units, if secure inclusion is a must?

Communications between controller and your devices are encrypted.

Should be possible, yes.

So to exclude via HABmin - do I select the thing and use the Tools menu (top right) to select “Remove device from controller” to enter exclude mode on the z-stick? Then triple click the switch on the module?