"Unsupported json value object" warning

I’ve started to receive a series of warnings in the logs:

[WARN ] [odel.deser.PropertyValueDeserializer] - Unsupported json value object, returning empty value

about one every 20 seconds. Doesn’t seem linked to any particular rule. I’m running a recent snapshot - #1418 - using the Ubuntu install package

Does anyone know what the cause might be, or how it could narrow it down to a particular rule/binding? (Other than remove everything and add it back in one-by-one, which would be a very slow process)



How many binding or rules are associated with the warning below?

I don’t know how many rules you have but you can comment them out using /* at the beginning and */ at the end of your rule, opposed to removing and re-adding.

I have an awful lot of rules, unfortunately - about 5,000 lines. But I don’t think it can be a rule, because all my rules carefully log status, and if a rule was running so frequently I would see that in the logs.

There’s also nothing odd in the events log.

And a google search for “odel.deser.PropertyValueDeserializer” only finds this post…

So I’m stumped!

I have the same issues - the messages appeared out of nowhere.

Do you use the “Gardena Binding” by any chance? This seems to be the problem in my case, at least it’s using that import (checked in Github):

import org.openhab.binding.gardena.internal.model.deser.PropertyValueDeserializer;

Restarting the binding produced more of these errors for me and the appearance (every 60 seconds) also matches the Gardena binding refresh rate.

But I have no clue what to do now?!

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The gardena code expects the data it’s receiving to contain either a type or a duration.

But this probably shouldn’t be logged as a WARN.

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I have the same issue for 1 or 2 days now.
Any ideas - will removing the gardena binding help?

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Ah, yes, I use the Gardena binding

If I change the Gardena log level to error only, then presumably that will fix it?


It does indeed - from the console:

log:set ERROR org.openhab.binding.gardena

an imperfect solution, but better than having my logs full of irrelevant warnings.


Glad you found a workaround. Would you like to log a defect?

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thanks - done!