UoM and percentages. Error in Sitemaps

When using an item with the dimension Number:Dimensionless
and the formatting %.1f % to denote a percentage, I come upon an error on the sitemap:
My item:

Number:Dimensionless SmallBedroom_ThermostatHumidity       "Small Bedroom Humidity [%.1f %]"              <humidity>    (SmallBedroom, Humidity)                                                                               { mqtt="<[mybroker:House/SmallBedroom/Thermostat/Humidity:state:default]"}

The log:

2018-07-29 19:54:11.044 [WARN ] [ui.internal.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Exception while formatting value '57.2 %' of item SmallBedroom_ThermostatHumidity with format '%.1f %': Conversion = '%'

And the sitemap ClassicUI shows an error:

According to:

The item syntax should be valid

You need a double %% like "Small Bedroom Humidity [%.1f %%]".

No I don’t. Because I am using the UoM. Like Number:Temperature uses °C as a unit.
In the UoM % is a unit in the Number:Dimensionless category.
So I should be able to use % on it’s own as an UoM unit.

You are free to not believe me, I just answered to help you.
% is a special character for pattern.

I know that, but in this case it’s not a pattern, it’s a unit from the UoM so the rules are different.
I know where you are coming from and I appreciate the help. The UoMs are new and there are a few things to iron out here and there. That’s all


"Small Bedroom Humidity [%.1f %%]"

Try it, it works.

Harry, I know that works, I have used it before. But is the unit a percent
If I display the item with [%.1f] only will it be divided by a 100%?
Let’s try it…

Nope that didn’t work
So using ‘[%.1f %%]’ in the item didn’t work

Number:Dimensionless SmallBedroom_ThermostatHumidity
sitemap tmp label="TMP" {
  Setpoint item=SmallBedroom_ThermostatHumidity
  Setpoint item=SmallBedroom_ThermostatHumidity label=""
  Setpoint item=SmallBedroom_ThermostatHumidity label="[%.1f]"
  Setpoint item=SmallBedroom_ThermostatHumidity label="[%.1f %]"
  Setpoint item=SmallBedroom_ThermostatHumidity label="[%.1f %%]"
  Setpoint item=SmallBedroom_ThermostatHumidity label="[%.1f %unit%]"


That’s not correct.
I don’t mean that’s not the output. but it shouldn’t be:

Number:Dimensionless SmallBedroom_ThermostatHumidity "Humidity [%.1f %]"

In the log:

2018-07-29 22:03:08.711 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - SmallBedroom_ThermostatHumidity changed from 59.3 % to 59.0 %

So the UoM works as we can see the %

In the sitemap, If I do:

Setpoint item=SmallBedroom_ThermostatHumidity label=""

It should display: 0.59

Or am I missing something obvious here…
It works for Celcius and Farenheit, Why not for %?

I looked at the help just now for uom. I was on my phone but the table does not list percent.

If this is true, maybe percent behaves incorrect because it does know know what to do? Although, I would think dimensionless should drop anything.

Percent is on the list
I went through the code myself and published the list.

The item parser is interpreting the unit correctly but not the sitemap parser

Scratch that then! Must have had an old version doc on the phone. -sorry!

I knew you were involved in publishing some of the uom so I was shocked to see your post. I am sure it will get figured out!