UoM for derived quantities - here: dose rate µSv/h

I am in the process to migrate my textural configuration from OH3.2 to OH4.04. Some items have derived quantities that are not listed at the UoM concept page. In my case its the dose rate from my radiation counter. It gives number value in “µSv/h”. What is the correct notation for such cases?
Another unit would be litre per day “l/d”?

You can definitely do that sort of calculation in a rule. If you divide a value with unit µSv but a value with unit h you will get a value with unit µSv/h. But I don’t know that OH has a Number:Unit that matches that. You can try RadiationDoseEffective and see if it lets you add the per hour. If not you might need to file an issue and in the mean time use just a plain old unitless Number and keep up with the unit manually.

l/d would be a Number:VolumetricFlowRate and is supported.