UPB Binding on Windows 10

Just trying out OH2 for the first time. First impressions are great but I am having problems with the UPB binding on Windows 10.

I install using Paper UI and everything seems to be OK. I’ve edited the config file and the log shows that the UPB service has been started but the binding does not appear in the inbox.

Is there a maintainer for this binding?


It is a version 1 binding, so autodiscovery won’t work (only works for version 2 bindings).
Bindings do to not appear in the inbox at all, only things.

You completely have to set this up using text files (for example upb.items or test.items or whatever):



When finished with your items config put them on a sitemap and start working with them:


Thanks for the info.

I’ve added an item and added to my site map. Everything appears to work on the UI side and there are no errors in either of the logs, but OH2 does not actually control the light. Since the notes say that this may not work on Windows, I’m guessing this is the problem.