Update 3.1->3.4 loss of sematic model

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Update 3.1->3.4 (RPi3+), loss of semantic model

After successfull update I realized that I lost nearly the complete semantic model. Only first level House is remaining, no more floors rooms, etc.
After first depressive phase I startet to rebuild but can’t add any sublevel any sublevel (Name: 1EG, Label 1EG, type:location, category:groundfloor). in the upper left corner there pops up a message “Item not created:Bad request”. I found that I don’t have to start with a number. Using as name “EG” instead of “1EG” works. Why?
Info to the field is “alpanumeric and underscores only” which also includes “1EG” or am I wrong?
In the old version I used “1EG” (Probably I remember wrong, see answers below). Could this be a reason for the loss? and furthermore why is field “type” preoccupied with group and not with location when I add anew location?

Thanks in advance for any respond

Groups are a special item type and reading the item docs you will find the restriction that item names are not allowed to start with a number.


Thanks Hans-Jörg
and sorry for the lightly stuppid question. I read so much cross all the docs while starting with OH3 that I missed/oversaw this. So I will start again with the semantic model (which concept I very much like) and go on with learning :slight_smile:

also thanks to lolodomo
just a beginners question: is it possible to show the warning message more prominent and probably more detailed? It ploped up very small and only a short moment in the bottom left corner so I realised it only after some tries. I hope you allow this comment to a very beginner :slight_smile:
I very much aprecciate your great work. Thanks to all