Update homematic actor

Hey guys,

how can i update my homematic HM-CC-RT-DN device?
I get always this error in the openhab log file:

2018-01-24 09:41:32.904 [INFO ] [rnal.type.HomematicTypeGeneratorImpl] - Multiple firmware versions for device type 'HM-CC-RT-DN' found (1.3, 1.4). Make sure, all devices of the same type have the same firmware version, otherwise you MAY have channel and/or datapoint errors in the logfile

I have already tryed to power on the device with pressing the two buttons (like described from homematic) and the device tell me, that it would make an update, but it didn’t.

With my HM-LAN Adapter i cannot see any device in the “configurator dialog” (Windows Software).
It tell me, that it has found an hm-lan, but thats it.


Give us a little bit more information.

How is you homematic setup CCU or homegear,

That’s something you have to do through your homematic control software, as @Dibbler42 said, e.g. through the CCU webpage or the homegear cli


im a beginner and not sure, what do you mean in detail.
I have the openhab ruinning through homegear.
Homegar is knowing all devices and works togehther with openhab perfect.

The “homematic control Software” does not recognize any device, only the hm-lan adapter, who communicates with the devices.


Thats information we can work with. Your setup is like mine.

device --------- HMLAN ----- Homgegear ---- openhab

First of all i had never problem with differnd firmware versions. To perform an update you need to open the homegear cli. this is done by

sudo homgegear -r

on the shell (linux commandline). Then you have to select the family with

fs 0

A ls should now list alls you devices a a star should show if there is a firmware update available.


shows al available commands. If i remember correct pup is the right command to update a device.

To get more herlp you should visit the homegar forum


Ahhhh :slight_smile:
homegear tell this:

(Family)> pud
Description: This command updates one or all peers to the newest firmware version available in "/usr/share/homegear/firmware/".
Usage: peers update PEERID
       peers update all

  PEERID:	The id of the peer to update. Example: 513

so… where i get the right (format) of the firmware for the HM-CC-RT-DN Devices
I have already downloaded this file:


and extract it to “/usr/share/homegear/firmware/”. But it looks not like the other files there.


Typically all required firmware file are within homegear and you do not need to download additional files.

Did you see some devices with a “There is a new firmware available” star?