Update Linux only, Keep Openhab as it is

My current Openhab 2.x works perfekt, because it’s cold outside i don’t like to mess with OH3. If i dont’t need OH to regulate my rooms temperatures i will update to newest Version.

But i’m interestet to update Rpi’s Linux and keep Openhab untouched. I don’t know will OH update to if i “apt-get upgrade”.

Maybe someone can hint me in to this question. Thanks.

openHAB will update with all other Linux packages, but you can tell apt to hold the version you’re using with the command.

sudo apt-mark hold openhab2

It would only update to the latest OH2 which was released today, fixing a security vulnerability in many addons.

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As i understand i have to mark hold and everytime i “apt-get upgrade” openhab will be ignored and stay like before. Ok sounds good.
I will test with second sdcard.

Because of sudo vulnerability i will update all my setups…

Update to the latest OH2 is an Option to. Thanks. I have to test it with a second sdcard.

OH2 packages are called openhab2 OH 3 packages are just openhab. Since the names are different, you will not automatically upgrade to OH3. no apt pinning needed.

Nice to know.