Update of openHAB 2 stable installation


I installed openHAB through the openHAB apt stable repo.
Are there any updates distributed to this repositoy?

Since the installation apt-get update/upgrade didn’t install any updates to openhab and I think there a many fixes commited to the github-repository.

I didn’t use the snapshot-repository, because I got every day an update notification.

Thanks for the help

No, you have to wait for the stable release 2.1.

You don’t have to update every day … Just do an upgrade if you think it’s useful.

Hi Sihui,

thanks for the answer.

I installed openHAB 2 from the stable release, because snapshot-repository sounds a litte bit like a version which is not for production use.

But meanwhile I found some bugs, which where solved issues in github. So the snapshot-repository is obviously the one which has less bugs, or not?

I know that I don’t have to update every day, but I got mail-notifications from my auto-upgrade every day and that was irritating.

It is possible to switch between the stable and the snapshot-repository?

Perhaps I could switch to the snapshot-repository and do an update.

Optimally I could switch the apt-sources after the update back to the stable so that it won’t find any updates till there is a new stable release or I switched again to the snapshot-repository.


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Yes. But have in mind that also new bugs could be introduced. Although I have never made any bad experience with that … and I am using the snapshot in production environment.

A standard openHAB installation does not have any upgrade notifications, so you must have installed some special tool …


I don’t think that will work and I don’t see any advantages doing that.

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Ok. I will give it a try.

I mean the linux apt-get auto-upgrade mechanism…

In the link above is mentioned, that it is also possible to downgrade.
But I also don’t see any advantages doing that.

Never heard about it … but that does not mean anything :slight_smile:
Just disable it (or at least the notifications) if it is annoying you :innocent:
Are you talking about this?:

Oh, so downgrading is supported? Maybe I should try upgrading to snapshot as well then, knowing I have the possibility to go back if things don’t work out. I’m on 2.0 but most of my bindings are upgraded to snapshot versions anyway :slight_smile:

Is there anyway to read up on what has changed between 2.0 stable and 2.1 snapshot?

I guess it would work, but since the stable repository only contains stuff that is older than the snapshot repository you would simply get no updates. So simply inactivating the oh repository completely would render the same effect…

Yes, you’re right. That’s the correct name of the feature. I use it to get notifications about security updates and so I get also notifications every day about a new snapshot-version. But I think I can configure the unattended upgrades to ignore openhab updates.

… or betwenn stable and testing repository.
That would be interesting for me too. So everyone could decide himself which the correct needed version is.
(Which bugs are fixed in snapshot repository but not yet in the testing repository)

I think you can get the difference between 2.0 stable and 2.1 snapshot in the github repository:
In https://github.com/openhab/openhab-distro/releases you can see the commits since the release. (Same for the addon-repository)

and don’t forget the changes to the underlying framework ESH:

Ok, I have to admit skimming the headers of those 200+ commits didn’t really say me much. I think I’ll simply wait until there’s a beta with some nice release notes :wink: