Update OH3.0 to 3.1

I installed Openhab 3.0 on my Raspi 3b (installed the APT packages). Now I would like to update to OH 3.1.
What would be the best way?
Thanks in advance…

OH 3.1 has not yet been released but there are milestone & snapshot versions currently.

If you wish to upgrade to one of those just follow the repo based installation instructions. Be sure to backup your data first because if there is an issue, downgrading is not supported.

Thank you for your feedback.
Unfortunately I am a complete beginner and will wait until the next release is available.
Do I then also have to carry out repo based installation steps? if yes, which? Or does Openhab itself recognize that a new version is available?
(I still have a lot to learn: /)

Your operating system will know. When the new release is announced, just do:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

in a terminal and it will update all your currently installed software, including openHAB.

Note that this procedure may stop openHAB, but might not restart it: you will have to restart openHAB after the upgrade has finished.

And always keep backups in case of issues!

Those are Linux based questions. If you do not understand how to use that OS why did not not choose one you are familiar with? Java systems run on many different operating systems.

Many Thanks…

the raspberry is an inexpensive way to test a few things. I’m actually still inexperienced in Linux, but I hope that it will improve. :wink:

I would definitely look at openhabian!
Almost all ‘difficult’ linux stuff is taken care off.

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My point is that this is not a Linux user forum. The questions are off topic for the forum.

Disagree that this is wrong place to post as the OP question is openHAB based as as such is covered by the docs here:

In short you need to change from stable to testing branch which is covered at the link above and then run the already suggested.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Running the testing branch is what I would consider to be the best balance for most users that wish to get regular monthly updates as a lot of good stuff has been added since 3.0 was released.

Asking about how to upgrade Linux packages IS beyond this forum’s scope.

thank you for your opinion. I will weigh more carefully next time where I ask a question …

I used raspbian on a previous project. I now use a stick for my zigbee sensors. i could not install the tool for the zigbee stick on raspbian. For this I was able to install OH on the image for the Zigbee stick. that’s why I don’t use Raspbian .