Update OpenHAB 3.1 to 3.2

Dear community,

I’ve got installed OpenHAB 3.1 from the tarball on an Ubuntu Linux system under user openhab3 in /home/openhab3

So far everything is running smooth and I noticed that there’s newer OpenHAB versions available. Since I wanted to upgrade OpenHAB now to the latest version, my question is whether there’s anything special to take care of, or whether I can just unpack the latest tarball over the current installation?

As a small feature request, it would perhaps be a nice thing, if OpenHAB could update itself automatically. :slight_smile:


Why using the tarball when a Debian package repository via apt is available?
Using the repository would resolve your question about updating in a simplier way.


Thanks for the reply. Answer is simple with Captain Kirk’s words: “Why climb on a mountain? Answer: because it’s there” :wink:

Can you please tell how this simple way works? I hav to update 3.3.0 to 3.4.0 to use my new Shelly Motion 2.

For communication sanity, please stay with the original topic.

If you’re new to the game (as tells your profile) you should be using openHABian on a Raspi or at least on Debian (not Ubuntu).
It’s menu guided. For 3.4 you will need to switch to milestones rather than release (latest is 3.3).