[UPDATE] openHAB One-Click Installer Beta for Raspberry Pi OS Max2Play, API Examples Plugin added

Hi everyone, I’m Heiner from Max2Play and I wanted to let you know about our new beta openHAB plugin!

It’s basically a one-click installer of the openHAB 2 server with some other neat features on our web interface menu, including:

  • edit field for webinterface port (in case you also want to run Squeezebox Server on the Pi)
  • Save and Restore Settings buttons to back up your preferences and restore them
  • Small guide on integrating Alexa (work in progress)
  • Uninstall button
  • Debug Information output

We would appreciate any feedback from this community to make sure this integration makes sense for the openHAB community and is as practical as it can be.

You can install the plugin in any running Max2Play system (free and premium) by copying the following link at the bottom of the Settings/Reboot menu:

Our image for Raspberry Pi’s (all new models) is a free download over on our website, so anyone with a Pi and an SD card (Class 10 or higher recommended) can check it out.

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

  • the install sequence issue (weird webinterface output) is already being worked on and does not affect the install of the server. -> fixed
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Is there more information and a documentation how to integrate this inside openhab?

Your openhab.tar is only for the max2play side. What about the openhab side? Do we need a binding for this? http-commands? Is this for controlling the max2play functionality from my openhab server?

Or is this only for installing an openhab-server onto a running max2play-raspberry?

Hi halloween,

The latter is the case, I will edit the top post to mention that it’s a server integration.

For the other side, you can find some infos on the different http commands in our Voice Control beta plugin but we are also working on a basic plugin that gathers those commands for home automation systems.

Do you guys think its a good idea to mix a multimedia centric OS and home automation software on single device?
Multimedia hangs for various codec/X11 bugs, not a good environment for a home automation controller which is supposed to be rock-solid.

Hi diyha,

Thanks for the feedback.

You can customize our OS any way you like. It is solidly built on Raspbian Stretch and you can deactivate any and all features you like or dislike. However, this is indeed still a beta plugin, so we are looking for feedback based on the plugins performance and behaviour.

As mentioned, you can check it out and let us know if you encounter such bugs.

I like the media server features, they don’t need X11 UI libraries. Perhaps I would be comfortable using it that way along wt openHAB. Nice project! :+1:

Nice project. Thank you for considering OH for inclusion!

Hi Rich,

Thanks for the kind words!

We look forward to any feedback :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I wanted to update you on another feature we have been working on in conjunction with the openHAB server installer.

Our API-Examples plugin has just been added to all Max2Play systems with the new version 2.47 of Max2Play!
You can find it in all Max2Play systems with the update. It’s a free plugin and can be added in the Settings/Reboot menu from the available plugins section.

It dynamically creates a list of HTTP-Get and CLI commands to be copied and pasted into your openHAB solutions.

Commands like Play, Pause, Next Song but also commands like shutdown of the device or starting specific plugins like the Jivelite GUI or Kodi.

It also creates a more detailed API doc for the equalizer and other features we can add by request.

This is the ideal plugin to quickly find and add the functionalities you need for the multiroom audio to be added to your openHAB.

We would really appreciate feedback on this new plugin.

Here’s a screenshot: