Update status of door contact after openhabian reboot


I am trying to figure out how to update status of open door contact from /tele messages of MQTT.

Current configuration - the channel listens to MQTT State Topic (/stat) and all works ok, when contact changes state.

But after reboot (imagine power outage for few minutes) perhaps the door opened and contact state changed. No /state MQTT message arrives, so the system shows null, until state changes.

I am getting however periodic /tele updates, which I cannot use, as channel is already subscribed to /state topic.

I thought of some workaround (creating another channel subscribing to tele and updating status of another item based on this channel’s status) but perhaps there is smarter way around?

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

*I am using OpenHabian raspberry

This is a job for persistance
it will restore the most recent state after a power outage or restart

Careful with persistence - this does not answer

So this approach instead …

This is smart enough. Create another channel extracting you door status from tele topic. But - you can link more than one channel to one Item, which should accept updates from either source.