Update switch state

Hi all,

I’m using z-wave dual switch (philio pan04). i’m able to turn on/off both switches from OH
, but if i switch them with hardware switch the switches in the OH do not update theirs state. This is due to switch sending its updates commands to endpoint 0 and not 1 or 2 (relay 1 is endpoint 1 and relay 2 is endpoint 2, endpoint 0 is for controlling both relays at the same time). So i need some rule to listen for updates at endpoint 0, and if i receive them i need to tell both switches to update themselves. I can’t use the status of received update because i don’t know to which relay it relates. or maybe i can send binary_switch_get z-wave command from the rules file ?
please help.


ok, for now i have simple workaround, i just added refresh_interval option for both relays so they are updated periodically. it is not perfect because i don’t have immediate response.