Update Thing's Channel With TimeStamp


I am written a binding to process data in batches from a device (or Thing) and update to OpenHab thing’s channels. My question is how do I ‘updatestate’ of these channels with historical timestamps? it is similar to item’s persistence but I want to approach it from Thing’s channel level so that all the linked items’ persistence store are updated according to the given timestamp. E.g. Thermometer Thing with Temperature channel which is linked to “temp” item. I have previous 1 month data that I want to push to Openhab so that “temp” item will have a nice historical chart when I click on “Analyse”. Instead of updating the “temp” item through persistence rest api, I would like to do it on channel level. Thank you.

That’s currently not possible, see Historic state updates from bindings · Issue #844 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub

Ok thank you. Looks like InfluxDB PR to use ModifiablePersistence interface has not made into main code. So I guess the way is to inject those data directly to InfluxDB.