Update to 2.4 stable, Windows

Hi everyone, i want to update to stable 2.4 from 2.3 but i searched everywhare and found nothing about that newer then 1 year…
Thanks everyone!
(installed as service)

I have tried before posting but something get wrong…
As you can see in the picture, i cannot use openhan even if is started… no command work and i cannot access web UI.

Can you decribe what you have done to update.

For me the powershell script does not work. I do a manually update every time.

Delete these files and folders
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\all.policy
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\branding.properties
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\branding-ssh.properties
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\config.properties
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\custom.properties
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\custom.system.properties
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\distribution.info
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\jre.properties
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\org.openhab.addons.cfg
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\overrides.properties
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\profile.cfg
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\startup.properties
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\system.properties
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\version.properties
del c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\etc\org.apache.karaf*.*
rmdir /S /Q c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\cache
rmdir /S /Q c:\OpenHAB2\userdata\tmp
rmdir /S /Q c:\OpenHAB2\runtime

Expand openhab.zip without override

I have deleted every file you listed (and listed in the update page too) except for “org.openhab.addons.cfg”, i haven’t in my etc folder :confused:
After that, i have extracted the zip without overwriting files (36 skipped)…
That’s it… :frowning:

If you wait half an hour, does it ifx it? On my first start after upgrade it takes a while for OH to be well prepared. It looks like some files were downlaoded and a lot of caches are filled. After a while I can enter log:tail and the command is recognized.

now that o.O

after all these errors are you able to enter log:tail?

Nope, i have deleted again the files and extracted again 2.4 and now is working o.o
Thanks everybody