Update - videostream doesn't work remotely also in hhtp - Videostream http on OH3 and NGINX https doesn't work remotely

Dear all,
i’m newbe and i using OH3 on raspberry hw.
Everything seems ok except the videostream.
I created a widget using ClickableCameraImage and everything is ok locally in http.
If i connect remotely by APP in Android or with a browser with a pc, the videostream doesn’t work.
Who can help me to solve it?
Thank you

How do you access thestream? I believe that the stream-URL is somethin you only can reach from your local network and thus you can’t access it from remote.

I’m using OpenHab and this is the url set in openhab widget: *

I configured OpenHab and Nginx Reverse Proxy to have the access remotely with HTTPS.
So if you access to OpenHab in local you can see the cameras.
If you access to OpenHab remotely you can see the other objects, like switches and so on, but you cannot see the video stream
Local address of openhab is over http on port 8080
Remote address id https://mysite:443 where there is NGINX configured to acces to the local address of OpenHab

Dear all,
I’ve checked directly in http in the remote connection, but the video stream doesn’t work.
So in the local network i can see everything with the remote connection everything work except the videostream! How can it be?
Who can help me?

I think you need to provide more details of your configuration. Like nginx configuration, widget etc.
But …
you wrote that the widget uses the URL
Isn’t the widget with it’s configuration loaded on the external/remote computer together with this configuration which means the external/computer tries to access the local IP address ( which then fails ) ?

Hi Wolgang,
you are right I’m going to explain better the situation.
At the beginning i thought that was NGINX the problem because the local access work.
Than i decided to exclude NGINX and i opened in the router, the access to Openhab with the 8080 (HTTP), as it works locally. The openhab local address is
The result was that everything is working except the video stream!
The video stream is configured with a widget with this address “”. Please let me know if you need more info, I’m available :wink:

Does Anybody have any idea or hint?